[Exclusive] Interview with Danielle & Chantelle: “The Dpipertwins”

Born in New York and raised in Ghana, Danielle and Chantelle, AKA the Dpipertwins, have been creating a storm since unleashing Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest jewelry. The designer twins were destined to take their place in the fashion industry, being strongly influenced by a designer mother since birth. After years of hard work and preparation, and finally launching their collections, the Dpipertwins are on a roll and there’s no stopping them now.  It’s quite fortunate for us to get an interview with them, being that they’re busy with upcoming projects, but regardless, the twins still took some time for us so be sure to check it out and learn more about these stylish young ladies:


EY: Tell us about yourselves and where you’re from originally?

D&C: We are the Dpipertwins, Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper. We are the Fashion designers of kastle Designs and accessories designers of Treasure Chest jewelry. We were born in NY however raised in Ghana to a Caribbean mom and Ghanaian dad.


EY: What inspired your love for fashion?

D&C: Fashion is in our blood. Our mom inspired us. She used to buy the school uniform fabric, design and make our school uniforms in many styles. We are very artistic, so it was just an amazing experience to bring a beautiful drawing of a glamorous piece to life, right before your very eyes, and being able put it on and walk out the door with confidence.  

EY: Danielle, describe Kastle designs, in terms of the style and what makes it different from other designs out there?

D: Kastle Designs is fun, exciting, loud, angelic, precious, yet sophiscated. Kastle Designs thus far is acknowledge for our sequins dresses, and fancy skirts. What makes Kastle Designs different is every single piece is a statement piece. You will definitely make heads turn when seen in a Kastle Designs Dress, skirt or top. 


EY: And Chantelle, you launched the accessory line ‘Treasure Chest’, which is the perfect title. Describe your pieces and the kind of women they’re designed for?

C: Thank you very much! The Treasure Chest woman is sassy, classy, independent, and confident. Every woman wants that luxurious jewelry from Treasure Chest, to jazz up her simple t-shirts and jeans outfit or to even wear with a fabulous cocktail dress as a finishing touch.  


EY: I read that you lived in Ghana for nine years. Do you incorporate your African heritage into your designs?

D&C: Yes, every single collection no matter the season we always incorporate our African heritage in it. Thus far, our collections include African print fabrics and/or even African inspired styles.

EY: What was the process like leading up to the launch of your collections during the New York Fashion Week in February 2010?

D&C: 2010 was the year we were waiting for, we just achieved our bachelors degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and were eager, excited and ready to show our talents to the world. Wow! It was such an amazing experience and a greater achievement since we receive so much positive feedback from attendees of our show. It was a lot of work with making the items, doing  model fittings and making sure that all goes well during the show….but it was all worth it! 


EY: You’ve had editorials in fashion magazines, appeared on television programs, and have worked alongside other notable fashion designers. How do you feel about the positive feedback and the accomplishments so far?

D&C: We are very thankful. When we graduated from junior high school we had big dreams of becoming designers and fashion models. The greatest feeling is achieving something that you work so hard for. Not only are we young designers in this fashion industry but we are also African American models that have appeared in Major Television Networks such as NBC, The Today show, ABC, MTV and BET. So we are thankful for our many blessings.


EY: Since fall is upon us, can you give our readers tips on achieving the perfect fall get-up, fit for any occasion?

D&C: Don’t let the rain or snow ruin your parade. Every day is your day, and you must be the star of your show. Don’t be scared of color. Neons are still in. A major color to wear this season is burnt orange, deep rich violet, and grey tones, which can be seen in our Fall 2011 Collections. Also, with the Holidays approaching, sequins are always a HIT!


EY: What’s next for Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest?

D&CWe are glad to announce that our designs are now sold in this major department store in the city called the Limelight Marketplace. We look forward to conquering the world of fashion by establishing a handbag, menswear and children wear line.


EY: Congratulations and best of luck with your upcoming endeavors.

Thank you both for taking the time. Please leave a message for your fans and fashion lovers.

D&C: If you love something definitely go for it. A dream isn’t just a dream unless you keep it that way. Always stay focused on the prize because the feeling of accomplishment is the BEST feeling in the world.


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Images courtesy of G.Legare

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