[Review] Davichi’s “Love Delight”

Davichi redefines the meaning of making music that’s well balanced and tastefully arranged. The duo has never been over the top with their style; these two ladies represent the sweet side of Kpop with their honey dripping melodies and silky smooth vocals. Davichi’s music is ‘delightfully’ created for fans who are still interested in listening to real singers. It’s no wonder their third EP is carefully titled “Love Delight”; heartwarming ballads, upbeat pop and mellow numbers are all incorporated into this piece of art. Short indeed, but effort is something it lacks nothing of.

Today’s mainstream kpop is bombarded with studio effects tracks disguising any real evidence of an artist’s musical talent; however, it seems fans are drawn to these unpleasant sounds insulting what it truly means to be talented. Fortunately enough, Davichi remains faithful to their style and holds their ground firmly, delivering soothing music and raw talent like no other. “Love Delight” is an EP in a league of its own and I ask that you continue reading and discover the reason why. Let’s take a journey together!

The lead track “안녕이라고 말하지마 (Don’t Say Goodbye)” gave me goose bumps. Although the words are quite sad, being that the song’s about not accepting a breakup at hand, the beat sounds so cheery and soundtrack like. I could never differentiate which one is singing what part, but does it matter when both carry such powerful voices. Neither is lagging behind; both hold a significant position that would forever be empty if one should depart. While I had to try listening to the singing without getting lost in the joy of the beat in order to capture the meaning, the music video did it for me. All the drama written out in the words was convincingly conveyed in somewhat of a short film. See for yourselves:

사랑 사랑아 (Love, My Love)” continues from the breakup, taking us through the aftermath. The woman is still completely in love with the man and she’s hoping that the precious memories they’ve shared will be able to reconcile them. I really like the instruments in this track, particularly the opening guitar and piano melody that remains throughout the entire song. It’s like a bittersweet symphony that you can’t help but fall in love with.


Dance/pop songs rarely make a fan out of me; however, I’ve taken a strong liking to “다신 찾지마 (Don’t Find Me Again)”. I love how the track starts out slow with the acoustic guitar and mellow vocals. The repetition of the hook is very catchy and addictive as well. The song’s about coming to the realization that the relationship has ended, now the woman must put on a brave face and walk away. She will move on and live her life oblivious of the past love she felt, only if he keeps away from her. It’s like she’s saying “don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine. I don’t need your pity. Leave me be and I’ll be happy again.” A beautiful, sad, and all at once, bold song. 

I’ve been had by this EP so far and I hope there’s no downhill from here, in fact I’m sure there’s none being that I only have two songs left to fill my ears with sweet melodies. So far I’ve heard the story of a woman losing her love and trying to cope with the haunting memories that keep her lonely and reminiscing. It’s important that this story gets concluded whether in a good or bad light, either way, listeners deserve to know what will occur after all this heartache. 

Happy End” is a song we all can relate to. After a bad break up, we fall into a stage where we just don’t want to be in love again. We become fearful that our hearts will get torn apart if we let our guards down again. Often times we say it’s better to not love and to just continue on alone, however, it’s always because we can’t move past our previous. This song reminded me that in order to experience a happy ending, we have to let go of the past hurt and let the new love in. You never know until you try. 

I could fall to pieces just listening to the closing track on the EP. “비밀 (Secret)” is about developing strong feelings for someone close to you but being afraid that they’ll go away if they figure out your ‘secret’, that you love them. It’s basically like having a crush but written and sung in a deeper and more intense way. What I love about this song is the fact that it’s the slowest on the record, and one half of Davichi, Min Kyung, wrote and composed the track. It holds a deeper meaning because of the personal experience behind it and it’s obviously a wonderful gift that she has decided to share with listeners, along with the sound of her lovely and passionate voice.

Love Delight” closes off in this manner, a woman still searching for love but protecting her heart in the midst. The EP flooded my cup with only a few songs and I can attest to the fact that I’m contented with what I’ve listened to. However, 6 is not their number, there should definitely be a full length album in the works. however, while I wait, I’ll continue to treat myself with some really good music. Thank you Davichi for this lovely treasure! “Love Delight” gets a rating of 5/5

Track listing:

01. Don’t Say Goodbye
02. Love, My Love
03. Don’t Find Me Again
04. Happy End
05. Secret
06. Don’t Say Goodbye (Instrumental)


(Purchase this EP now at Yesasia)

Images courtesy of girlshigh.org

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