Let’s go for a “Drive”


Ryan Gosling stars in this action thriller as a Hollywood stunt man and part-time wheelman who discovers there’s a contract put out for his life after a heist went wrong. “Drive” is expected to pump up your adrenaline, delivering car chases, bloody fight scenes, emotional settings, and some twisted humor. There’s certainly lots of hype building up and I hope the movie doesn’t let us down. To be honest, after seeing Ryan in “The Notebook” thoughts of him ever being in action movies never crossed my mind. He just seemed too much like to romance/drama type of actor so I’m thrilled that’s he stepping out of the box and broadening his horizons. “Drive” also stars Christina Hendricks, Ron Pearlman, and Carey Mulligan, and opens in theater September 16. The film is considered dirty and dusty, after all, “there are no clean getaways.” Check out the trailer below:

Credit: drive-movie.com

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