American Airlines gets a big old F for Failure!

I rate airlines, accordingly. Ya’ll should know that by now.

American Airlines is supposedly an international carrier, with standards that reek of budget cuts and cost savings from corporate heads!  I thought British Airways lacked in service provision until I learned of AA, then did BA seem like a place between heaven and earth.

American Airlines you get an F rating from Embrace You because:

1.) No inflight entertainment system set up, that individual passengers can access to. Having  monitors made in the 1900s, with movies dating back to Adam and Eve’s advent on earth is a no go zone.  Furthermore, passengers in the middle and window seats had to stretch their necks to see.  Hello, what happened to ergonomics courtesy to passengers. I thought this would be the most important in service provision.

2.) Your air hosts and hostesses are simply robots doing their jobs. Absolutely no passion and zero connection with passengers.  They looked worn out and ready to pass out at any time.

3.) Kids! Do you know how these precious beings can get annoying if not properly taken care of? Provide them with coloring books, or teddy bears. Do something!  Cry me a river with cost savings and recessionary period blazah blazah’s but for heavens’ sakes, they too are passengers worthy of your attention like any other passengers!

4.) Food. Oh hell to the no. That’s what Whitney said to Bobby at some point when he got ridiculous or out of hand. That my dear AA friends is what I am telling you. An international flight is supposed to be worth its salt. Serving wild rice with dry chicken with baby carrots cooked in yellow American cheese, not to mention it being just lukewarm is beyond disgusting. Please fire your chefs or whoever advises ya’ll on menu set up. Look to Emirates or Quatar Airlines of how to prepare DIVINE dishes.

5.) I do not understand the science behind plane temperatures. But for heaven’s sake, who tells ya’ll that winter sets in August?! I mean c’mon. If it does in your airline, provide extra blankets to your passengers!

6.) Those uniforms need to be REDONE ASAP! Probably if you drop the navy blue ,adopt some color and probably fun into your routine you will not find complaining passengers!

NB: I’m eagerly awaiting to hear from the CEO of AA about the aforementioned issues and what he is planning on doing about it!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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