For Thought: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer

A new development has been made in the case involving the 26 year old missing nursing student, Michelle Le, who disappeared on May 27 from the Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center in North California as she was walking from her car to the garage. According to Lt. Roger Keener of the Hayward police department, investigators have found evidence from surveillance video, cellphone records and DNA samples, which led to the arrest of Le’s former high school friend Giselle Esteban. Blood stains found on the interior of Michelle’s car matched those found on the bottom of a pair of Esteban’s sneakers in her home.

“Today does not mark the end of the investigation,” Keener said. “We will not consider this investigation complete until Michelle is found.”

“Some of the questions about how [Le] met her demise may not be known until she is found,” he added.

Some believe that this was an act of revenge on Esteban’s part as her former boyfriend and baby father had a brief relationship with Le. Giselle’s boyfriend had filed a restraining order against her only three days before Michelle’s disappearance, citing psychotic behavior. A friend of the boyfriend said that it’s possible Giselle committed the crime as she is considered to be “very unstable.”

Le’s family made a statement following the arrest, saying that Esteban, who’s been a suspect since May, “dragged this out longer than it had to go,” and that their “primary concern was and is and always will be to find Michelle and bring her home with us.”

Michelle is described as someone who “never saw bad in people or the world.” Friends and family are still praying for her return, as they continue to believe she’s alive somewhere.Β 

What are your thoughts about this and do you think Esteban is guilty?

Source: ABCnews

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