Pucker up! It’s National Kiss Day

So apparently it’s National Kiss Day. Thanks to twitter I became aware of this. However, instead of thinking about my loved ones and I who I’d love to kiss at this moment, I wondered about those who have no one to share a kiss with; whether it be their parents, grandparents, siblings, significant other, or friends. There’s absolutely no one to show some kind of love and affection, or to show your everlasting appreciation. A complete loner who yearns for that all. That doesn’t exactly mean there’s no one there at all, it could simply mean that you’re far away from all that love. Maybe in college or overseas on business. On days like this what can those people really do to receive a kiss? Well, I came up with a few suggestions: give yourself a kiss via the mirror, kiss your pillow, kiss your hand, buy a teddy bear (substitution when you need comfort), or forget about the kind of day it is altogether and drown yourself in other attention seeking endeavors. 

This is just my opinion. Leave your thoughts below.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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