Draya Michele: Television’s new bad girl

If you’re a fan of reality television or have some particular show in general that you’re glued to, well “Basketball Wives: LA” has probably fallen into your list some way or the other. And if you’re familiar with that show then you probably know who Draya Michele is. This woman is either loved or hated by viewers, but most definitely the one that other cast members loved to hate. The former stripper recently stated in an interview with vibevixen that she’s used to people not liking her:

“I won’t be shocked if a lot more people hate me than they already do. People don’t always have the nicest things to say about me. So, I’m used to it already,” she said.

On a recent episode of Basketball Wives: LA, Imani Showalter referred to Draya as worthless, in regards to her previous occupation as an exotic dancer. However, Michele seems to be tossing comments like that made about her to the side and keeping it moving. 

“I got a personality that if you know me, you will like me. It just comes off as a little bit cold at first, but eventually I can warm up to anybody if I want to,” she said. “Girls are designed to disappoint you. So, I am very careful and selective of who I call my friends. Close friends is a touchy [thing] for me. I want people to see what I do and how I live me life, just so they have a better understand of what it is that I do. A lot of people are confused about how I live my life and why I live my life a certain way and I’m able to travel so much. I want to put a light on what [my life] really is. It is not always a party. I  don’t look at a party as a party; I look at a party as a job, so [the show] will let people know what is really going on inside of my world.”

Despite all the hate towards Draya, she has managed to maintain a calm reaction and hasn’t been involved in any altercations. But we’ll see how long she can keep still, maybe she’ll blow up by the end of the series. Who knows?

Click here for more of the interview

What do you think about Draya Michele and how she deals with the haters? Do you think cast members will warm up to her later on?

Source: VibeVixen

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