Her, then Him….Bus Chronicles.

If you read the previous entry of the chronicles, you noted that I crushed on a dude that did not have the hots for me! Well then, I moved on or I pretended to. Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow you know!


While on the bus today, I met her. This her was not your ordinary, regular her rider on the bus. Oh no! She was psycho, with a capital P for added emphasis. Upon seating down, she complimented me on my colorful scarf, of which I politely thanked her and minded my business. Clearly, she had other plans. “I collect scarves and have tons like yours!”. I mildly acknowledged her comment, smiled and kept it moving. Β “Your hair is so beautiful!”. Β I mouthed a quick thank you and started thinking of a quick escape from the unwelcomed yapping.

Out of nowhere, she suddenly jumped to her feet and made her way to the drivers section, where she found another “friend” to talk to about my nonconcerdeness. ” She doesn’t want to talk. She is like so booring……” Yada, yada yada!

The next stop was hers! Thank God, and guess who entered?! Him! Yes, him from the previous day. This time around we connected. I mean, erm….looked at each other! But, sadly even though the sit next to me was empty, he decided to go way in the back. Β Sigh! What’s a girl to do, other than pretend she dropped something and take a peak…..TO BE CONTINUED!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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