Return of the bus chronicles

It was around 9:00p.m. when I spotted him. Lawwd have mercy on his poor soul! He was going the opposite direction of where I was headed to, and guess what, I did a dramatic about turn. Yes, and followed him. I was at my favorite meeting point of psychos, intellectuals, rude mofos, all sorts and kinds of people.

The bus station!

Usually I have the hots for the driver, but this time around the driver happened to be the same age as my great grandfather. So you know what that meant, he was not the looker. It was a Friday for heaven’s sake! Wait! What?! The guy I was semi-stalking was going to take the same bus as me! Whew! He was dressed very casual, and had that confident swag on him that put the D on the DAMN BROTHER YOU FINE!

I didn’t hide the fact that I was checking him out. And checking him out I was. For some reason, I couldn’t get over the fact that his socks matched his shirt, which was some funky color (definitely not your regular rainbow colors). I kept looking at his feet. Nice shoes bro! He was well coordinated from head to toe!

The sad part was that this brother did not even as much acknowledge my presence! OUCH! Wait what?! Did I hear the angels shouting the trumpets to signal Jesus second return! Whatever.

So my great grandfather parks and the fiiiiiiine brother enters without even a smile towards my direction. Damn him! Whatever! Meanwhile as I try to think why he did not pay me any mind, a mofo enters the bus. Now, errrrrm…..this one was giving his time! Lawwwwd knows he looked like he just came out of jail flying without even a word to his probation officer. He keeps looking and makes me feel soooooo uncomfortable I shift seats.

Guess what, adjacent to my left was this rasta brother! Now, this one was not the kind with tree stumps growing out his head. His were well taken care of and proportioned seemed like he had a love affair with his hair. SIGH!  At least he smiled, but that was just it!

Before I knew it, my stop was next. No more fantasizing! Back to life, back to reality!


Jazz, hope you enjoyed the post!

3 Comments on Return of the bus chronicles

  1. LOL! that pic is crazy…there’s a lot of excitement in your town it seems

  2. Yes! I love the bus chronicles cuz it makes my day everytime. Not only that I can relate I finally don’t feel like I’m the only one who has ever made eyes at the bus driver or followed a fiiiiine brotha on the street! But why does it always seem to be on the day I look the most bogus…oh well can’t look good 365! I appreciate the shout out tho! Just another reason I love EY.

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