[Review] Lady Antebellum’s “Own The Night”

Lady Antebellum wasn't new on the music scene when they stole the hearts of many worldwide with “Need You Now.” However, it was the aforementioned that gained them the respect they worked so hard for. The country group received much appreciation for their harmonic and pure singing filled with raw emotion that reaches the soul of anyone who dares to listen. Should there be an individual to deny that fact then they obviously don’t know what good (meaningful) music sounds like. With "Need You Now" embedded into the minds of many, the trio certainly had one of the most anticipating albums of the year, in country music that is. However, did they deliver and satisfy the wait with “Own the Night?” We’ll see after I dissect their precious piece of art.

We Owned the Night” is a song about a deep and electrifying love. It’s a mix between alternative rock and traditional country. The guitar tune is on fire but there’s not much else going on. You’ll only find interest in the song’s deep meaning and will probably disregard the arrangement of the instruments. The vocals aren’t as captivating or intense as they often sound. However, it’s a sweet track nonetheless and I don’t mind a second listen.

The lead single, “Just a Kiss”, established high expectations for the album. From start to finish you’re taking in by the heartwarming passion in their voices that blends so smoothly with the backing music. The song’s about finding a new love and not rushing into anything right on but instead taking it slow in order to preserve the little things like butterflies in the stomach (if you get my drift). The music video takes on a different concept; however, the romance is depicted well in accordance with the song’s purpose. 

This group surely knows how to write, well that’s also expected of country singers. Is it not? “Dancin’ Away with My Heart has beautiful and blissful lyrics as showcased in any Lady A song. The track tells the story of a past love that still holds strong meaning in one’s life; it’s absolutely relatable because most, if not all of us, still remembers that one special love from our youthful days. The song is rather mellow and swaying a bit, but that only makes it more tasteful. The music is well arranged and Hillary sounds so sensual in this one.  

Friday Night” is one of the more hard hitting, heavy rock songs on the album. It’s much more fun and entertaining, not so much as sad, lonely, or overflowing with romance like the previous. It definitely lives up to the title, and we all know what Friday night means: unwind from the long week, go partying, shopping, just letting lose and having fun. That’s exactly what this track signifies and I appreciate the fact that a song like this is included on the record. 

When You Were Mine” takes us back to the place where “Dancin’ Away with My Heart” took us. The song’s about a past experience with a love that was thought to be passionate and long lasting. The words spoken seemed promising and true but in the end the love died. The track’s main purpose is about reminiscing. It’s also about the “what ifs”. I really like how the instruments sound together and the harmonies. It’s a very catchy song but I’m beginning to hear too much repetition of the same concept in the songs. And that can get a bit tiring for me.

Cold as Stone” is very slow paced and depressing, but I like it because the words are true and heartfelt. The song’s about going through a painful heartbreak. No matter how much time passes the hurt still lingers on. It’s a beautiful but sorrowful track that I keep on repeat. I’m deeply caught up in their voices driven by so much emotion, especially by the end of the song. And the ending melodies are very soulful and dramatic. 

I love how “Singing Me Home” taps into a little acoustic r&b. It’s the kind of music you hear playing at a café. My interpretation is that the song’s about appreciating the lover in your life; enjoying every second you’re with them. It’s an upbeat track to revive the heart after listening to “Cold as Stone.” Their track listing is just beyond intriguing. But then again, it works for me because after bawling your eyes out over a love lost, you get to put a smile back on your face knowing you have a special someone in your life. 

Interestingly enough, I thought I wouldn’t fall in love with another song like “Just a Kiss” but here comes “Wanted you more” to take my breath away. The song’s similar to “When You Were Mine” but there’s something that differentiate the two: intensity. “Wanted you more” is about investing your all into a love that turned out to be merely one sided. You gave your all only to discover that your all wasn’t good enough. This song is now my ultimate favorite on the entire album. I will not take that back. I am certain.

Hillary owns “As You Turn Away”. The song continues the breakup concept and further unravels the details of a relationship ending. One is obviously still hanging on but there’s nothing left to hang on to. The instruments are arranged in such a theatrical way that there’s no denying the magnitude of the effort placed into them. The song encompasses your heart in a way you are incapable of resisting. That’s the kind of music I’m yearning to hear from musicians these days.  

Love I’ve found In You” speeds up the pace of the album and goes back into the happy and cheery side of the album. The song, as expressed in the title, is about the new and incredible love discovered in the one you’re with. As stated before, the concept switches back and forth from sad and depressing to romantic and fun. I like how it surprises you instead of being formally structured. Not to mention the song is catchy.

Here we go again, back to the sorrowful side. “Somewhere Love Remains” is about fighting to rediscover the feelings they used to feel for each other before giving up and calling it quits. One is hoping that the other can remember the love and happy times they’ve shared. Sometimes it’s best to try again and not throw in the towel but only if “love remains”. 

With all this back and forth between sad to happy, I wondered how they would conclude the record. And thankfully, it ends unexpectedly about the beauty of love. “Heart of the World” depicts the different issues faced daily in relationships but at the end of the day, they hold on to their love and continue to cherish each other and every thing they’ve built together. This song touches me spiritually and emotionally because of the depth of the words. I close off by quoting myself, “this group surely knows how to write…”

From finding love to suffering from heartbreaks, you name it and Lady Antebellum’s got it on their new album. “Own the Night” is a remarkable effort by the trio and I cannot express enough how they’ve played with my emotions on every single track. I felt like crying then felt like smiling, and vice versa. They certainly confused the hell out of me because I wasn’t sure if the hopeless romantic would ever find true love.  However, Lady A left us with a happing ending to their depressing stories and it turned out to be sweetly impressive. “Own the Night” gets a rating of 4.9/5

Track listing:

01. We Owned The Night
02. Just A Kiss
03. Dancin’ Away With My Heart
04. Friday Night
05. When You Were Mine
06. Cold As Stone
07. Singing Me Home
08. Wanted You More
09. As You Turn Away
10. Love I’ve Found In You
11. Somewhere Love Remains
12. Heart of the World

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Images courtesy of LadyAntebellum.com

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