Have you ever been in a relationship which seems to be absolutely stuck? It’s neither going backwards nor forward. You are continually coming up with reasons to justify why you are still together and ignoring the seemingly clear signs of a potential break-up?

That my dear friend is a wake up call to go back to the drawing board, and keenly analyze the why you are still in a relationship. Β Being in a state of disconnect as a couple does nothing but bring about unnecessary anxiety and tenseness to an otherwise, beautiful situation.Β 

Often times, the unspoken truth is muffled by false optimism. At the beginning of a relationship there’s a lot of eagerness, excitement and all around happy moments. After the honeymoon phase, couples fall into a regular routine, which then becomes accepted as the norm between them. So during the stuck phase, a weekend getaway which ordinarily is not the norm for a couple may bring about hopes of a possibly progressive state. While the truth of the matter is, come Sunday evening after the getaway you are back to Β square one, stagnation!

So what gives?

Acknowledging that stuck is a problem, couples should find corrective solutions unique to their situation. Being that relationships are not black and white there’s shades of grey, a proper analysis of the union is highly in order. EY lovers, I’m not suggesting a PHD thesis driven analysis, rather an introspective assessment of then, now and future. Secondly, adopting a hopeful stance like Obama’s yes we can is great, but armor yourself emotionally for a possible no we can’t be. Thirdly and lastly, it is okay to be stuck life is not perfect, but don’t lose yourself in the midst of trying to unstuck. If it comes to that point, let go, let be and be free!


Happy unstuckings! (Damn that post was serious! So unlike me…..)



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