“House of Deréon” lacks growth

Beyoncé may have shown depth and maturity in her latest musical release, but her clothing line has yet to reflect that. Over the years, I’ve noticed that ‘House of Deréon’s” designs have never really grown up; the outfits continue to display glittery artwork (that always comes off) or unsophisticated styling. Regardless of the family connections, as a celebrity I wouldn’t want my name affiliated with the kind of designs this line has to offer. I mean, the club look is really getting played out. Are they only inspired by the party scene? Where’s the edgy and glamorous? Certainly not in the brand. Recently I glimpsed the runway show during London’s Fashion Week and I must admit I liked “some” of the designs depicted in the Knowles’ spring 2012 collection. However, there wasn’t anything AWE-mazing, and will those same tasteful designs ever be featured in the stores? I have my doubts.

The talented performer has great fashion style, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve never really seen her outfits on sale at ‘House of Deréon.’ I can understand that her mother and Beyoncé doesn’t want the entire world wearing her custom outfits, but I just want to see the same elegance and creative details showcased in their clothing line. Is that too much to ask for when I’d like to get my money’s worth? And let’s be real here, ‘House of Deréon’ ain’t cheap. 


I can’t be the only one to tire of the casual and NOT chic fashion depicted by the brand. In fact, the only reason I became interested to begin with is simply because it was Beyoncé and I’m a fan of her wardrobe. Sadly, I was disappointed by her line. But I can’t just blame her alone because I doubt she had anything to do with the designing, in fact, the only true designer in the Knowles household is the mom, Tina. Now, this is a classy lady with a couture persona. Why isn’t that being incorporated in her designs for ‘House of Deréon?’ That certainly puzzles me. In fact, her ‘Miss Tina’ line at Wal-Mart exemplifies everything I’d like to see in Deréon. There are designs for women who’d like to look classy, sophisticated, formidable, mature, appropriate, and overall, wear clothes that make sense. The casual look in Deréon is cool an all, but people don’t live in clubs, they have stuff to do otherwise, and that line isn’t fitting for any and every occasion. If you get what I mean!

Miss Tina By Tina Knowles Walmart collection leggings jeans LBD

By now you’re probably thinking I’m tearing down the Deréon brand and Beyoncé’s stans are lurking around, getting ready to hunt me down. But I’m just calling it out for what it is: immature. It’s time for ‘House of Deréon’ to evolve and evolution doesn’t take place without the need for change. So those designers need to put their creative caps on and get to work ‘cause no one wants to be wearing kiddy outfits forever.

This is just in my opinion and doesn’t reflect the view of EY as a whole. Leave your comments below.

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