African Traditional Wear: Raw and Unedited version

In Africa, when it comes to STYLE (notice I did not say fashion) we do it effortlessly and seamlessly without putting much thought to it. When the so and so’s of the fashion world are trying to push the envelope, I just smh! Why you ask? Because Africa’s been pushing the envelope in fashion since the beginning of time. We just don’t get much shine. Sigh!  Get ready to be fashionorgasmized, by the


Fulani woman wearing traditional gold earrings. Those yellows are popping! Fulani can be predominantly found in West Africa (Mali, Gambia etc) but also in Central Africa and North Africa (Sudan). 

Young Maasai moran adorned with colorful beads and shukas. The contrasting colors are just so high couture. Maasai’s can be found in East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania)

Ndebele women colorfully chilling out. They can be found in Southern Africa. (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe). What a bust of color!

dashiki white

Resplendent in white! Senegalese dashiki.

Bluerrific! A gomesi dress. This is the traditional fit for Ugandan women

Takchita rouge Galerie photo

Lady in red! Traffic stopper. That’s a takchita rouge from Morroco. Get with the program folks! *Snaps her fingers wildly in the air*

Yes oo! That girl is workkkkkkkin it! That handsome dude is on another level oo! Cheii……Loving it….These are traditional Yoruba fits. They can be found in Yoruba and also Benin.

Watch out for part 2 of this! By the way did you guys notice anything  about this post?! Post your thoughts below.

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