The Return of Bus Chronicles

I’ve absolutely no idea what the hell bus chronicles should be about. To be honest, all I ever notice is fine brothers and crazed people. Should make for a very interesting reality show. Would ya’ll tune in?! Nyhoo, on to today’s episode.

A couple, who I could have sworn were high on some substance other than God’s natural air, came by where I was sitting and started relaying their eventful day, which involved fighting strangers. Yes, like straight up kungfuing the hell out of people, apparently. Mind you, the boyfriend was wheelchair bound and the lady was too far gone to have been of any help.

By the way, bus stop crazies do not need any invitations to initiate conversation. They just do. The unspoken rule between you and them, well at least me is, ” Talk all the shit you want, I pretend to listen without as much as looking at you, and I go home in one piece”. Fair, right?!  Engaging them in any type of conversation, only adds fuel to the fire.  Well that was that.

Now my favorite part of the bus chronicles. A fine bus driver! I had the pleasure of being driven by one today. It’s been a minute since I’ve checked one out.  He just looked heavenly. So of course, I strategically chose a seat that had a closeup look. Whenever he would stop and look at the rear mirror, when somebody was getting off, I too would help him with that!  Our eyes would then lock. 

Oh well, my stop came faster than expected and boy did I have energy when hopping out the bus. He probably thought I was part of the crazies!

Watch out for the next chronicle, it might have a twist.

PS: The image was taken from Quite an interesting site. Check it out.

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