Kahi “school’s” us on getting the perfect bod

After School's fierce leader has one of the best bodies in Kpop. Kahi certainly knows how to stay fresh; her gorgeous, sculptured frame takes hard work to maintain, and lord knows everyone, including moi, is dying to know her secret. Well, wait no further. SURE, a women fitness magazine in South Korea, recently featured the multi-talented diva in a stunning pictorial, in which she revealed her workout tips and her respect for Madonna and Beyonce. According to Kahi, doing pilates, yoga, horseback riding, biking, jogging, and other leisure activities does the trick. Staying still for too long is quite frustrating for her, so she has to constantly be moving around, doing something. Check out some of the tasteful pics from the shoot below:

Is this woman naturally fierce or what? where they teach that at?

An official stated that “during the shoot, Kahi listened to Beyonce’s music and without any directions, she created the perfect pictorial with her own poses.”

Source: Naver

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2 Comments on Kahi “school’s” us on getting the perfect bod

  1. spottyone911 // October 25, 2012 at 8:33 am // Reply

    Wow, she’s got such a stunning body!!!

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