Self-Assessment: Director. Thinker. Relater. Socializer.

Self-assessment is not the easiest activity for any of us to partake in. We’re also quick to question why we should assess ourselves to begin with. If it so happens that someone else makes a comment about our personality, we’ll second guess before considering making any changes. So let’s get down to the topic at hand; director, thinker, relater, or socializer, which one are you? Well, before attempting the evaluation process allow me to clarify the type of person each term refers to:

The director

This is the kind of person who likes control. The director is usually blunt, somewhat aggressive, likes to get straight to the point, and is often times the one delegating responsibilities to others. Basically, bottom-line people who loves power. There are some benefits from having this type of behavior: unemotional, goal oriented, thrives on competition, natural born leaders, and can easily take charge of a chaotic situation. However, there are weaknesses as well: impatient, can come off as being too bossy or having disgusting behavior, low tolerance for poor performance, and can be seen as ignorant. While this type of character is often admirable in business settings, it can also come off as distasteful in many ways. Still, good leaders are mostly directors.


Co-worker: We have reports due.

Director: I’ll buy you lunch if you write mine.

The thinker

Usually introverts; thinkers are very analytical. They consider every single detail from beginning to end, making sure that all angels are covered. Thinkers appreciate an organized setting without any chaos whatsoever. The strengths of having this kind of behavior: creative, well organized, gets things done in order to meet deadlines, precise, intense thinkers, and are very trustworthy. The weaknesses: overly analytic, mostly antisocial, melts under pressure, and reminisces too much on past failures. This is a wonderful behavior for business, in regards of looking for accuracy, but thinkers tend to move at a slower pace because they have to look at every little detail.


Co-worker: Here’s the proposal for the upcoming building project. Everything’s included. I checked it after you did.

Thinker: Okay. Let me just take another look through it to make sure everything’s right before presenting it at the meeting.

The relater

“Can’t we all just get along!” these are the people that love togetherness and are non confrontational. They like harmony in things. Their strengths are: group involvement, likes to maintain peace, and is never blunt or aggressive. The downside: is mostly indecisive, doesn’t express true feelings, too laid back, and not always reliable. It’s great to want people to join forces to try and accomplish one common goal, but relators are often observers instead of playing their part.


Co-worker: We have individual reports to finish up for the boss.

Relater: Right! let’s work on them together.

The socializer

A lover of people; the socializer always try to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere, and never resists the opportunity to inspire. They’re usually expressive, in terms of their opinions and styles. The socializer’s favorite color is red, because this is loud and flashy. The strengths: cheerful, adventurous, knows how to calm a negative air, and is usually full of ideas. The weaknesses:  never finishes what they’ve started because they’re easily distracted, can come off as too touchy feely, a chatterbox, and too happy go lucky. It’s a nice personality but not many can deal with it. 


Co-worker: Our reports are due.

Socializer: What! its today? I totally forgot. #startstypinglikecrazy.

So after breaking down the types of behavior for this self-assessment , which ones do you think you possess? Remember, it doesn’t have to be only one; in fact, many embody two or even all four. In my opinion, its good to have all of them because you’ll know how to adapt quickly when you’re interacting with another individual who may possess only one. This is just what I think though.

Here’s a little test for you. In the pic below, pinpoint a behavior type that fits any of thees people.  

4 thoughts on “Self-Assessment: Director. Thinker. Relater. Socializer.

  1. Hmmm used to be a Director but now that I’ve retired, a Socializer if only we could make some new friends in the Comox Valley! 🙂 Very interesting site. Will be back. Thanks for following “Honey.”

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