[Review] Cherine Anderson’s “JA9.25” Mixtape

Cherine Anderson had her Dancehall soldiers anticipating a debut album, but for today, they can ease their nerves with the mixtape “JA9.25.” It’s quite the birthday surprise, being that the artist decided to celebrate this day by sharing new music with her fans. “JA9.25” features hard hitting beats and aggressive vocal arrangements. Cherine’s sounding stronger than ever; she’s on fire and the flames continue to ignite track after track. Immediately after getting news about this mixtape I just had to take a listen, after which, a review was certain. 

Starting things off is the quick intro “JA9.25”, giving us a taste of how hardcore the mixtape is. This is also sounding like a dedication to her fans, “Dancehall Soulders”. Cherine has always been appreciative of their love and support, and who can deny that fact when she released a mixtape on her birthday for them.

Hey Baby” has some sensual singing that I find so admirable of the singer. I like how the instruments are arranged in this track, and her passionate singing symbolizes some real effort. Cherine’s signature sound is dancehall soul and you can truly feel that in this song. The track’s about yearning for intimacy. She’s calling out to her lover for affection, and she needs it at this very moment. You can sense how emotionally tense she is.

Cherine certainly had women everywhere relating to her hot single “Make up Sex”, which tastefully made its way to this mixtape. This is perfect for the clubs and your bedroom, if you’re into this kind of sexually charged music. The track is edgy, raw, purely entertaining, and leaves no rooms for conservativeness. It’s Cherine uncut. 

I love how “the Break Up song” opens with addictive drum rolls that continue to echo throughout the entire song. There are also signs of r&b influences in the beat. This track is more subtle and relaxed but still very much soulful and emotional. The words are deep and meaningful; its something we can all feel. The song’s about having someone wonderful in your life but coming to the realization that you’re only going to hurt them because you’re still caught up on some trust issues caused by a past lover. 

When dancehall artist Danielle released “Rebel” featuring Cherine, it instantly became a hit. I’m absolutely thrilled that Cherine’s included her version, “Honorebel”, of the song on the mixtape. Of course the lady D.I. is still included, but this is more from Cherine’s perspective and she kills it. The song’s depicting a woman’s strength and self-confidence when it comes to relationships and life in general. The artist serenades us with her electrifying singing but I found the track to be short because it didn’t give us enough time to soak in her honey sweet voice. 

You Turn Me On” is a sensual song for the couples and it’s great that the artist decided to include it. The track has a laid back rock steady reggae vibe you just can’t get enough of. Natel adds so much edge to the song, giving us the male point of view and almost sounding like a Jamaican John Legend. Both portray so much chemistry; their voices mesh well together, creating a captivating harmony. They did exceptionally well in capturing the true meaning of the track. The song’s about the burning passion between two people in love and showing their appreciation for every single detail about each other.

20 to Life” is awe-inspiring in every way. The song’s intrinsic nature is utterly astonishing. From the opening guitar riffs, to the shockingly emotional singing, the track grabs a hold of your heart and refuses to let go. It’s all bout love and devotion. The song’s clearly defining the strong and intense feelings Cherine has for this man. Her singing is soul shaking and completely believable. Such a talent is natural and could never be plastic; hence, it’d be impossible to feel the song’s currents running through your body. 

Real Love” exemplifies how hard Cherine can go on any song. This fiery track, in my opinion, showcases the singer’s indescribable high energy more than the previous.  It gets realer and realer with every song, but each carries its own separate value. The song’s about being in a relationship that’s far beyond phony. It conveys so much raw emotion, convincing me that the singer is evidently singing about the love she’s feeling in reality. It’s the uncooked truth. 

I just love when Cherine records duets because aside from the strong and uncontrolled emotion she brings to her music, there’s always undisputed chemistry between her and the male singer. “Call on mesees Cherine reuniting with popular reggae artist Chuck Fenda on another heated, romance driven track.  The song, similarly to “You turn me on”, is about being completely devoted to the other in the relationship. Damn, this singer has me yearning for some “real love” now.  

Fade 2 Black” takes us out of the slow paced reggae ballads and back into the Dancehall, heavy grinders. This track is definitely sending a clear and direct message to haters. The singer lets us know that her accomplishments came from hard work and determination and not from other inappropriate methods. Women in entertainment are always subject for discussions, especially when they’ve achieved some form of recognition. Listen to this track when you have vultures on your back.

The singer takes on a different toll on the track “How we Living.” This song signifies how thought provoking Cherine’s songwriting skills really are, taking us back to the notable “Kingston State of Mind.” The track is an eye opener on the serious issues faced by many on a daily; injustice, family issues, crime and violence, poverty, and desperation. There’s so much pain and sorrow depicted in the song, and I particularly like how the music brings the lyrics to life. This is seriously heart wrenching but is my favorite.

Cabbin Stabbin,” from my point of view is a raw style of music and dance. However, I’ve interpreted several meanings behind this song. One of them being from a sexual perspective, the other is people being suppressed by the government and unable to utilize their freedom of expression. I’m leaning more towards the second because it comes out a bit clearer by the end of the track. I like the hypnotic beat and high intensity synths in the background. It’s a carefully arranged piece.

Cherine sings about her self-empowerment in “Eagles & Doves.” She continues to rise above the drama and enjoys her rewards. Whatever might come in her way, she’ll soar even high because “no one can hold her down”. I like the old school vibe I get from the music and uplifting this track is. It’s something you listen to when in need of a soundtrack to life that provides motivation. 

We Don’t Stop” is another reality charged track and can be declared the real “Kingston State of Mind” part two. Cherine takes shots at the politically corrupted, senseless killing, and other societal issues. While giving us the truth about the failing system built by the government, she’s also singing about having hope and believing that we’ll one day overcome. It’s amazing how the producer sampled classic reggae beats but also maintaining a modern vibe in the music.

The mixtape concludes with “Lyrical Murder”, the outro. The track showcases the singjay’s slick rhymes and untamed raw energy. It’s a short reminder of her support to those fighting to survive and achieve a better quality of life.

I know it’s supposed to be a gift but this should definitely be selling on iTunes, Amazon, and all the other digital music sites. “JA9.25” is very appealing and represents how superbly talented Cherine Anderson is. There’s depth, sincerity, originality, variety, and conscious music to fill the air and keep us entertained and informed. Her incomparable creative skills are remarkable and absolutely not affected by the passage of time. It’s truly a privilege to have someone of her magnitude share her music with us. “JA9.2” gets a rating of 5/5

Track listing:

01. JA9.25
02. Hey Baby
03. Make Up Sex
04. The Break Up Song
05. Honorebel ft. DI
06. You Turn Me On ft. Natel
07. 20 To Life
08. Real Love
09. Call on Me ft. Chuck Fenda
10. Fade 2 Black
11. How We Living
12. Cabbin Stabbin’
13. Eagles & Doves
14. We Don’t Stop
15. Lyrical Murder (Outro)

(Download the mixtape now on CherineAnderson.com)

2 thoughts on “[Review] Cherine Anderson’s “JA9.25” Mixtape

  1. Word! I love reggae & dancehall music and this woman has been creating a name for herself internationally..I love her style

  2. This is the best mixtape i have heard in a while. I wouldnt even call it a mixtape it’s one of the best albums out of jamaica right now such a great mix a music and her lyrical content and voice is so AWESOME. this chick is amazing

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