Settling for less?

It’s been a minute since I’ve come across music worth listening to on youtube. That’s until I bumped into Liquideep a young South African house music group with the lead singer crooning, “No I won’t settle, settle for less”.  I never listen to a song until the end, probably give it a minute or two and onto the next.

What caught my attention was the fascinating video and the story line that emerged. In which the lead singer goes on several dates with different girls without settling for a particular one. His first date, was particularly interesting as he up and left in the middle of the date.

That led me to question why he exhibited what I would deem ungentleman behavior, and it became clear as I dug into the lyrics that none of the girls fit his criteria. So, he decided not to settle. He needed more than good looks, something much deeper and not just words of nothingness. He needed someone who could hold him down in health and sick times, not to mention someone that was committed, attentive, a good listener amongst other things. Whew! What a list.

One of the dopest quotes I’ve read regarding matters of the heart came from Demetria Lucas, a relationship expert who in answering one of her formspring questions said “just because he is good doesn’t make him right”. By the way, this quote is not gender specific, so men it is most certainly applicable to you too. This quote rings true especially when talking about settling in a relationship. Is it a matter of convenience, an efficient use of resources (money and time), what is it. Why do people choose to settle.

Granted that dry spells especially during the hold me I hold you season (winter) are not the best, meeting him and quickly jumping into a relationship because he met your physical criteria but fell short on the spiritual and intellectual can be daunting. Why do you have to feign contentment when really you are unsatisfied, and looking for a way out. 

It is  better to be honest with ourselves from the get go than to wrestle with our conscience about our decision.


Watchathink is your relationship settled or is it the real deal yo?

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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