Bus Chronicles: Havard Scholarship

Like an epiphany, a song was put in my heart as I rode the bus today. There were no hotties at all today. Just a whole lot of wannabe gangsters and the usual sprinklings of crazies.  So, going back to my American Idol moment, sitting across from me was this young lady about my age who inspired in me a different career pursuit in life, talent or not-singing.  Why?

Her weave was tore up! She kept removing little weavelets from her mouth but what caught my attention was the way she vigorously scratched her head like she was getting paid. Her dedication, stamina and vigor were remarkable, out of this world might I add.  If this was the way one got admitted into Harvard University, guess what she would have gotten a full scholarship and a fully paid for-all expenses including new weaves semester abroad .

Guess what! Crazies were few far and between. What a shame…they always make the bus ride juicier! 

2 Comments on Bus Chronicles: Havard Scholarship

  1. WTH! You’re hilarious

  2. You had me all ready for an inspiring bus ride story then broke out with the weave story! You had me rollin! She wrong for doing all that on the bus though, people gotta sit there they dont wanna see her hair from weaves past just saying.

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