Bus Chronicles: Butt and Beef Edition

Changing bus routes can mean one of two things, a serious drought of good looking men or an exponential increase of crazies. At the moment, it seems these two are mutually inclusive of each other. 

Today was no different in reference to the statistics dolled out at the beginning of the post. If you’ve been reading bus chronicles for a while you will know who the usual characters are at the bus stop. They were there in plenty! Today, I met an Italian version of Diddy. Let’s call him, Diddylian. He was completely swagged out with the latest pair of sunglasses, and boy was he  feeling himself.

When I’m telling ya’ll he was feeling himself, trust he was doing whatever it took to be noticed. Well alright, yes I did notice him but that’s because he looked like one of those meat heads that know nothing other than just muscles, steroids and making weird concoctions supposedly called protein shakes. For some reason, I couldn’t get the image of a cow whenever I’d look at him from my imagination. He just reminded of a big chunk of good old BEEF, I must have been hungry, not for him though!

Next was this young lady that I always see on Mondays. She has this mean scowl that makes my fro recoil. I don’t know whether she is naturally like that, or she’s got beef with somebody. She kept making phonecalls that were not being answered to somebody, whom at this point, I’m assuming was the husband (had a blinding ring on her finger). My guess was she was checking to see whether he was creeping on her, or was really home taking care of the kids like he always promises her. Guys, pardon me but I have an active imagination. Lawwwd knows every time she would call and he did not pick up the scowl became more and more pronounced on her face, the more my fro recoiled in response.

Lastly, this world is definitely coming to an end. As my bus ride neared its end, that’s when things decided to take a dramatic turn. In came a woman who had the latest pair of transparent jeans. She was right in front standing talking loud as all hell, with her back to the other passengers with a big hole on her left butt. I did not want to believe what I was seeing to be true, so I let my imagination do the watching, and concluded it was a brown patch attached to her butt. Wrong! When she was about to get off the bus, the lights came on and yes indeed it was her butt. I could see the creases and folds….

Folks that was butt and beef edition.

Do have a good evening!

1 Comment on Bus Chronicles: Butt and Beef Edition

  1. LMAO!!

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