Dream Getaway: Belize

According to Wikipedia and individuals who have experienced the country, Belize has the most unique culture amongst its neighbors in Central America. It is the only Central American nation to have strong ties with both the Caribbean and Latin America. Isn’t that super awesome? I don’t mind learning about a country’s culture, but what sparks more to me are the attractions. Basically, I’m more curious about what this place offers and how it can entertain me. In order to satisfy this desire, I’ve done my research so as to discover the Belize effect and what draws visitors to the country. Allow me to share my findings with you:

Altun Ha

The largest of the Altun Ha pyramids, temple of the Masonry Altars – these are apparently remains of an ancient Maya city in Belize. It’s definitely a worthy attraction to check out while touring the country.

The Great Blue Hole

This looks both amazing and terrifying at the same time. Large bodies of water scares me a bit, the site of this hole freaks me out a lot. Not sure it’ll be on my list of things to see but i’m sure some of you would be interested in actually going there to check it out. This sinkhole is said to be over 984ft wide and 407ft deep.

Barton Creek Cave

I’ve always been interested in viewing caves so this should be both informative and entertaining at the same time.

The beaches

And of course, what’s a vacation without heading to the beach or even relaxing on the white sand. It is highly recommendable that you go for a swim before leaving this country.

Traditional Cuisine


One truly has to eat so i’ll absolutely try these tradition dishes: beans and rice, and stuffed fry jacks. Looks delicioso!

The best part about travelling is actually interacting with the people and understanding the culture. That, in my opinion, is truly the best part of the experience.

So, definitely Belize is on my list of places to visit while I’m on this earth. The place is just absolutely beautiful, who wouldn’t want to visit? It’s a waste to not travel and see the world.

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