I’ve found a Malaysian gem, Zee Avi

Thanks to the power of Amazon I’ve discovered the talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player Zee Avi.  This exotic beauty has a clear message every one of her songs, and there’s absolutely no one capable of breaking free of that electricity that pulls on your heart once she starts singing. It’s the subtleness in her voice and the raw emotion that seemingly made a fan out of me. I can’t quite describe what it is but I like the kind of music Zee brings to the scene; it’s indie, bluesy, acoustic, Hawaiian waves, and warm summer breeze mixing together to form her unique sound.

It’s rare for me to feature musicians from Malaysia but EMBRACE YOU is a global webzine and in light of that important fact, I’d like to take this moment to introduce Zee Avi to the wondering souls left unaware.

Zee was born Izyan Alirahman in Miri Sarawak, Malaysia. Music wasn’t really apart of her life until she became a teenager. In fact, Avi went to England to study Fashion in order to have a career in that industry. As a teen, she practiced playing the guitar until she was next to perfection. She never truly imagined being a professional musician until September 2007. Her musical career took off after she posted a video on YouTube for a friend who missed one of her performances. The song was “Just You and Me,” which became a sudden hit with viewers pleading Zee to make more for their entertainment. Everyone knows that when a video gets popular it draws the attention of record labels as well. Zee signed a recording contract with Brushfire records following the success of her video post on YouTube, and then she later released her debut single “Bitter Heart” on the US iTunes. Her self-titled debut album was released in May 2009.

Avi has since released her sophomore album “Ghostbird”, which features the moderately successful single “Swell Window.” She’s currently on tour promoting her album and getting in touch with more people around the world, introducing them to ‘her’ kind of music. What I like about Zee is the fact that she’s an exception from the mediocrity. Sail on girl!

Images by: Hilary Walsh

Credit: zeeavi.com

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