For Thought: The Amanda Knox saga

One would have to be living somewhere outside the universe and have no possible connections with the internet or other digital communications if they're completely unaware of the Amanda Knox story. Apparently, the American student who was convicted and spent four years in a Italian prison for the murder and rape of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, was declared innocent by the court with all charges dropped except for a slander conviction for which she was sentenced to time served and a fine. Knox and her family immediately

booked a flight home to Seattle, where she can rid herself of the tragedy and find comfort within her community, which has shown nothing but support for the 24 year old since her conviction in 2007.

There are several conspiracy theories being tossed around regarding the murder of Meredith Kercher. Both judges and jury found the DNA evidence quite questionable, but nevertheless, it was Amanda’s emotional plea of innocence that reached the hearts of the judicial panel. And while the family and supporters are overjoyed with the results, there’s still the Kercher’s who are left in turmoil and confusion as to whether or not the system made the right choice, and what really happened that night of November 1, 2007, when their 21 year old daughter and sister, Meredith, lost her life. One can only fill our minds with questions that only Meredith, Amanda, and the other parties involved can answer. But one question remains above all else, who really killed Meredith?

Was it an orgy gone wrong as most described it to be, was it a case of robbery, or was it that Meredith was just in the wrong place at the wrong time? We all have so many questions, but yet so few answers. Will this case ever be solved? What do you think, is Amanda really innocent?

Source: Yahoo! News

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1 Comment on For Thought: The Amanda Knox saga

  1. I think it was a orgy gone seriously wrong for some reason..either way, the girl was mutilated so i think all the parties involved are guilty

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