Bus Chronicles: Gangster Cinderella

Cinderella does not play!

Cinderella is a mythical and magical story told to us about a young beautiful girl who slips on glass slippers at night and transforms into a princess….I think that’s how the story goes. 

The gist of today’s post revolves around the story of Cinderella reincarnate.  Today I saw this young girl, about 18 years old who looked like Cinderella . She was beautiful and in need of rescuing from the demons of anger. The only difference between her and the storied one, was her language. It was expletively laced with f-bombs and had a gangster touch to it. Should an A&R record from Weezy F baby, please don’t call me baby label been around, it would have been a wrap!

 Nicki Minaj’s animated first lady reign, over at Cash Money records would have been slain as she would have been offered  a milli a milli a milli contract right on the spot. Just like that, POW! Why? Because her f-bomb, fast talking never stopping to catch her breath rhymes over the phone had a similar Weezy F baby, please don’t call me baby flow to it.

As I observed the unfolding saga, my eyes nearly fell out their socket when she started doing a fight dance, as she talked crazy on the phone. At the top of her voice, she declared war! “I’m going to beat the hell out of her!”  When I heard this, I took a couple of steps back just in case her dance got more hyped up, and I ended up being a part of her ongoing choreography.

Her small body stature, had me worried about her war declerations. When you are going to war it’s best that you are prepared, fully. Not just verbally. She seemed to be talking a whole lot, and I had the feeling it would turn out to be a David and Goliath situation. Unfortunately for her due to a contorted form of the English language, her prayers to win the battle would have been a bit delayed. It would take time for it to be processed up there. 

On the bus, she continued with her expletive laced conversation that caught the attention of the bus driver. Thank God! He took the reigns of control and instantly started prodding on why she was so angry. 

Turned out that…..ya’ll ready for this?

Her sister had taken her car without permission and when somebody called to inform her, quoting what she told the bus driver she trembled from anger. Dang! I thought  it was something more serious like ummm….I don’t know whatever is more serious than what made her angry! 

Happy bussings ya’ll…..hope you guys are enjoying the bus chronicles with no fine dudes to talk of!

By the way, if you happen to use public transportation and want to share your experience with us, email: embraceyou10@yahoo.com with Bus Chronicles in your subject line.

Please don’t bore us to death…..

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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