Bus Chronicles: Sisterhood of the travelling Afros and Child Support

these mom jeans are just bomb!

Ever watched The sisterhood of the travelling pants, about four girls who stay connected even as each one of them takes a different path in life through sharing a pair of jeans? Well folks let me tell you that failure is not an option in my life, as it should be for you. Unfortunately, I failed. BIG TIME.

I tried making a sequel of the same, but the sisterhood did not materialize. Two women entered the bus, and for some reason I felt a sisterhood connection of sorts with them. They were both rocking natural hair, and the crazy one had a very small fro that looked like a mini-me in comparison to mine. Our sisterhood was not based on some magical jeans-ours was based on reality-follicles growing out of our heads.

Thus in a moment of fleeting ingenuity, I thought of contacting the original creators of the film and pitching to them the sequel: Sisterhood of the travelling Afros.

Usually from experience, when a sister spots another wearing their hair natural, there’s some sort of acknowledgement done through smiling, staring or complimenting. Now in my case, my attempt of connecting through our travelling afros did not materialize. Technically, it was not my fault as you will soon see, but nonetheless I rise from the ashes of failure!

The bus ride was a cool 20 minutes punctuated by 15 minutes of madness from one of my sisters. The conversation started out smooth, but took a turn for worse. I should have been well aware of this, because any phone call that is answered by “Yeah!” not “hello” or “wsup”  is suspect.  Madness started when sistergirl threw caution to the wind and got loud.

-Mad Loud-

From what I could gather, she had seen another woman in the passenger seat of her baby’s father car. 

Yeah you saw me, I saw dat beeyatch in the front of the passenger seat. Don’t lie to me, you pretended not to have seen me. I know what I saw. Your ass gon pay for dat! Taking your ass to court over child support. Bye! Don’t call me

Ouch! Child support because she saw her baby’s father with another woman.  It seemed to me like she had been stalking him. Her rants and raves, were about how she felt her position as his child’s mother gave her an upper hand , over another woman who hadn’t baked his seed in her oven. 

Now this begged the questions: Were they still together as a couple? If so, her concerns would indeed be legitimate albeit far- fetched in regards to the child support threats. Or was she just jealous? Her friend, my other failed sisterhood connection kept egging her on about seeking retribution that would guarantee a lifetime of happiness for him and his supposed new lady.

They finally got of the bus but a lot of us were left confused and felt sorry for her baby’s father who was about to be served papers wrongfully on the premise of being involved with somebody else. Folks out there, let this be a lesson learned if you date crazy you get crazy!

Ladies, his smile may make you spot goosebumps in a hot minute, but before you take it to the next level make sure to know of any baggage before it finds you.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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