I’m a devoted fan of Jdramas simply because of how deep and thought-provoking they can be at times or often giving us something to laugh about. So, while I was carefully searching for new series to catch up on, I came across a very compelling drama called “IS ~ Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei (neither boy nor girl).” The series is based on inter-sexual individuals and the various challenges they go through on a daily basis. It’s definitely an eye opener because while I know of the existence of such people I wasn’t really taking into consideration their difficulties with fitting into society, especially when they can’t clearly be classified as male or female.

Viewers are given two perspectives in the drama: Hoshina Haru (Fukuda Saki) is an intersexual who was registered as a female because his/her body identified more with the female specie. However, Haru was raised as a boy because within his heart that’s how he identified himself. In another case, we have Aihara Miwako (Gouriki Ayame) who had a surgery at birth to be fully identified as a female. Both characters cross path (as a result of some clever maneuvering) and instantly draw close to each other, being that they’re facing similar trials. I was definitely caught up in this series; I think the entire cast did an amazing job in playing such emotionally intense roles. 

IS” is both informative and interesting. I don’t want to give too much away for those who haven’t seen it yet but I can truly say that viewers will be taken on a journey along with each character as they cope with family, friendships, and intimacy. I’m sure that those who have watched it found it as meaningful as I have so I recommend that you check it out if you haven’t. I can’t stress enough on how wonderful the acting was. You’ll absolutely be moved.

If you’re interested in watching the drama, with English subs of course for those challenged by the language like myself, you can check it out on and be sure to tell us what you think about “IS” below.


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