Coins make a sound when dropped, but paper bills won’t

Once in a while, in this journey called blogging I come across gems worth talking about and creating discussions. Twitterville is not exactly a place that I would go looking for inspiration, wisdom, pick me uppers or deep thoughts. Instead I would go looking for  crazies whose twitterantis resemble those featured on the bus chronicles.

This gem was conceived and birthed in the very same place I don’t venture much into,twitter- by a young  FOINE (when a dude is more than fine, around these parts he is FOINE!) lad. He  happens to be somebody in the music industry, having written for the likes of India Arie, Joss Stone …c’mon now! Their songs derive deep meaning and actually touch and sometimes pinch my heart. Yes, PINCH my heart!

You can thank fashion journalist Claire Sulmers founder of fashionbombdaily tumblr‘s page, for having led me to this gem discovery. IamNovel, went further to provide the lesson to be learned as being

When your value increases keep yourself silent and humble

Let’s ponder on this for a minute shall we.  Coins make the most noise, just had an aha moment…bear with me, and so do empty vessels. Silence is golden and worth a pretty penny, ask Bill Gates and the many billionaires featured on Forbes magazine that never hear of.  Mr. Gates talks usually revolve around his many philanthropic activities, not his bank account. One can argue, that his money talks for himself hence no need of him talking, but then again he stays humble even with all that success to date.

Humility is a virtue that does not, but should go hand in hand as we climb the ladder of success in life. Remember staying at the top in life is not guaranteed. Tables may turn and you might need a shoulder to lean on. The shoulder that comes to your rescue might be that of a cleaner that you hired one many summer years ago, who now runs their own company. 

A value increment to me signals, added responsibilities. Where one would get the time to be egotistical and boastful is quite baffling to me. After all, padding one’s ego and delighting in the insincere accolades of others takes a whole lot of time that would otherwise have been constructively used to help a child in Africa.

Let the paper do the talking, not you.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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