Dear Anna Wintour, please lighten up

There’s a particular stigma attached to fashion magazine editors that they’re basically robots incapable of displaying warmth or any form of human emotions. And this as yet to be proven otherwise. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the film “The Devil Wears Prada,” and while I’m in no way aware of the daily inner operations of the fashion industry, I’m certain many who have the first hand experience can attest to the fact that their bosses are exactly like the villain portrayed by Meryl Streep. This leads me to the rumored inspiration behind that character, Anna Wintour. VOGUE magazine’s editor-in-chief has the coldest appearance I’ve ever seen. It’s as if she’s frozen in the 60’s with her signature (absolutely boring) bob, dark shades, and utterly plain outfits. Surprisingly, and though I find it rather fake at times, Anna does let off the slightest smirk or tight lipped smile here and there, but you can definitely tell when she finds something distasteful and unworthy of her sight. I must admit, her creepy facial reactions crack me up a bit.

Recently, the usually blunt Wintour was asked to voice her opinion regarding Kanye West’s runway show during Paris Fashion Week, her response: “Ask someone else.” Only someone of her caliber could pull off a comment like that. Obviously she didn’t like it and didn’t care enough to comment on the line. Can you imagine what her employees might be going through? How hard they must work to try and please her? Let’s imagine working at VOGUE and trying to develop new concepts for the next issue:

Fashion Director: “Do you like this idea?”

Anna Wintour: *blank stare* “Did I hire you?”

Art Director: “Umm…which of these shots do you like best for the cover?”

Anna Wintour: “Ask someone else.”

I wonder how involved Anna is with the magazine and its creative development. Surely enough she must have the final word of what’s to be featured and what’s simply trash. This lady gives me the vibe that messing up is definitely NO BUENO when working for her and if you do then that’ll be your last day at VOGUE. Hey! If I’m wrong about this and you have personally encountered lady Wintour yourself and know what she’s truly like underneath that facade, then please by all means let me know so that I can rid myself of the devilish image I’ve conjured of her. But until then, I suggest that she lightens up a bit and show that she can be down. I mean its fashion and yet Anna fits the character of a guard in a women’s prison. If I sat next to her at a runway show, I’d probably feel like Nicki Minaj, awkward.

This is just my opinion. What do you think about Anna Wintour? By the way, refrain from stressing about her wealth and how she can afford to act heartless. Please spare me, being rich doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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