Marriage ain’t 6 in the morn.

Yesterday while doing my daily internet sojourns I came across a cry for help from a married woman.

She is married with four kids to a husband who goes out everyday and returns home at 6 in the morning to hang out with his boys, apparently. In the beginning, he would call to check in on her and the kids, and as time went by no calls. Her attempts to try reaching him during his nights out were met with tired excuses that ranged from failed network connections, the place he was with his boys was too loud to phone was on silent.

Initially, when I read this I wondered what would possess a grown man into acting like a bachelor with absolutely no responsibilities. For heavens sake he has four kids. I do not know too many women who would put up with his antics. I have never seen the contents of a marriage certificate but I am pretty sure this is not what his wife signed up for. I do not know of how their marriage got to this point, but what I do know is that this is just blatant disrespect.

When two come together in love and vow to ride till the wheels falls of, I do not think it means till 6 in the morn.

Marriage is a relationship in which the parties involved take their commitment to the next level by inking their love on paper with legal recourse in place, if need be. In the course of a marriage, maintaining individual is vital in retaining one’s identity and sanity. But this cannot be used as an excuse to go outside of the marital home without as much as a decent explanation.

The response she got was, he was either cheating, involved in illegal activities etc, which I agreed with 100%.  Who in their right minds hangs out till 6 in the morn, everyday? Something was definitely amiss and only time would tell if well he was telling the truth or bullshiting.  I lean towards the latter.

Folks, don’t get married if you think its a-okay to show up at 6 in the morn. You might then want to shack up with your so called boys for the rest of your life, and let her be….

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