The “Real” deal

Real Steel” impressed me with its cinematic trailer and definitely peeked my interest to see the movie when it came out over the weekend. In conclusion, I enjoyed it. I like the fact that the film is set in the near future but never really drowned us with that. There wasn’t any futuristic technology or corny advanced vehicles displayed in an attempt to blow us away, instead we’re given the excitement of robot boxing, Hugh Jackman looking his usual hot self, and Evangeline Lilly as a grease loving, emotional driven, hard ass female lead. The best thing about “Real Steel” is how intense, entertaining, and informative the move is. Would I see it again? Most Definitely! And I recommend that you go see it if you haven’t.

Hugh Jackman plays a money hungry but struggling promoter of robot boxing. In some way he’s satisfying his own failure at the sport back in the day. He’s given up quite a lot in order to continue pursuing this career choice: a past relationship and his son. Evangeline plays the sultry, straightforward owner of the gym left by her deceased father in order for her and Hugh to continue advocating the sport. As both experience a series of disappointments, their lives begin to change as Hugh’s son and the discovery of an old robot with potential come into play.

It’s a great movie if you’re into boxing, robots, a little humor here and there, and overall pure entertainment throughout. Real Steel is in theatres now so go see it.

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