HEART2HEART: A failed attempt at reviving 90’s pop

A few seconds ago I came across a so-called new pop boy group called HEART2HEART, and believe me the name isn’t the worst part of it. Their debut single is called “Facebook Official” and they currently have a mini album available on iTunes (I guess anybody can do that these days). What cracks me up the most is how over-the-top their make-up is, along with their obvious concept of trying to copy kpop, which looks like a complete insult to that culture. Are you kidding me? Is this the industry’s attempt at recreating 90’s pop phenom in today’s society by unleashing these alienistic, pervacious looking dudes? Their voices aren’t exactly the wow factor, in fact it’s pure mediocrity. Please, their song is as distasteful as their choreography.Β Check it out below and tell us what you think:

HEART2HEART stands for the connection they’d like to make with their fans across the world. The group is consisted of Chad Future (the leader), Nico, Brayden, KX, and Pretty Boi Pete (go figure). And guess what? surprise, surprise they’re mentored by Lance Bass, former member of the globally successful N’Sync. Some of you might be saying they’re no where close to kpop nor is the group trying to mimic kpop but keep this in mind when making your conclusion, their music is mastered by Tom Coyne who has worked with YG Entertainment (BIG BANG, 2NE1). Still, I don’t want to tear these guys down. I mean they are trying, and you never know they might make it to global stardom. What do you think?

Vid & Images Credit: HEART2HEARTworld

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