[Review] Evanescence

After what seems like a lifetime of wait, Evanescence returns with their highly anticipated third studio album that has proven to be far beyond satisfactory. Evanescence, or should I say Amy Lee, has risen above the depressive concept in lyrics that had once over-shadowed the music, into a more lighter and exciting sound that provides a soothing atmosphere and captures the hearts of its listeners. The songs remain emotional, intense and relatable, but you can definitely sense the change; in a good way that is. After all, there’s nothing wrong with lifting oneself out of sorrow and finally accepting a happy ending.  Take a chapter out of their book or go on the journey with them. It’s worth your time. And with this long ass intro I present to you my track-by-track review.

What You Want” kicks things off with a loud, adrenaline fused drum beat that’s carried to the end of the song. I like how incomparable this track is; you can’t possibly go back to their previous music and find anything matching the style of this banger. It’s new and it’s different. And I love it. The track’s about chasing after your dreams and bringing them to reality. Do what you want and enjoy your freedom. The video portrayed the concept derived from the lyrics, which is living freely and unchained.

Made of Stone” is the track that teaches us how to put an end to the hurt someone else has caused us, just numb it all away. The guitar riffs are high on energy, blending well with Amy’s aggressive and powerful vocals. Hearing this song makes me feel like getting up in a certain person’s face and scream out the lyrics to him. What an awesome and rockish effect it has on listeners in deed.


The Change” is about becoming someone else within a relationship, someone who you weren’t from the beginning. Leave it to this band to write songs that make people think. What I like about this track is how dreamy it is at start but picks up strength towards the chorus. I’d have to say the band’s sounding stronger than ever in terms of composition and vocal capacity. You can truly hear the effort invested and the time away to develop this work of art made the results astonishing. 

I’ve always loved the symphonic style of Evanescence’s music, and that I think comes alive even further when they include an alluring piano melody and haunting strings that echo throughout the entire track. “My Heart is Broken” exemplifies this concept greatly. Amy has a voice that is pure and flawless and unimaginably graceful. The multitude of passion flowing through this track could almost lift me off the ground. Am I getting ahead of myself on this one? I think not. The song’s about losing yourself into something or someone you once truly believed in.

The Other Side” is about waiting for a loved one despite them being in another place of great distance away. This has every attribute of a song about death and wanting that person to return for you, but you can do nothing but emphasize for the one who remains waiting. It’s a bit subtle from the band’s previous songs with the similar concept but nonetheless it’s still very much heartfelt. 

Here comes another track with a dramatic piano sequence and mesmerizing strings, adding to the fast paced heart pumping drums. “Erase This” embodies all the attributes of a romance gone sour. The song’s about a woman who continues to believe in the love that once lived in the relationship, finding it hard to just forget and move on. She wants to know if it’s just as hard for the man to forget what they had as well. The ending guitar riffs are the main killer. While listening to this record I felt as if I was living in 18th century Europe for some reason. Go figure. 

The light is dimmed and Amy begins to fill the atmosphere with some sorrowful singing. “Lost in Paradise” immediately hits the heart once the songs begins to play and I felt as if I was drifting on a lonely cloud without any destination, just floating around lifelessly. The song’s about feeling a sense of emptiness. It’s the rock ballad of the album, and above all the others will rest as my ultimate favorite. This is the track that pulled uncontrollable tears from my eyes. 

Sick” comes in perfectly after the previous. It certainly fits in the position it’s in. The song’s about being tired of all the sadness and wanting to overcome it once and for all. You’re literally taken into the words and wrapped into the emotions thrown at you. I can’t get over how masterfully the instruments are arranged, they’re telling a story on their own as well. 

 “End of a Dream is about letting go and becoming free. It’s more surreal than the others. Somewhat like “Imaginary” but far more interpretive. The song gave me a feeling of breaking free and shaking off the baggage of past mistakes. I like how sensual her voice gets in some parts, but then build up intensity as she goes. The band gets further impressive track after track.  

I love the electricity “Oceans” kicks off with. The key part of this track is the dramatic and beautiful harmony repeated during the chorus. This gives the song a kind of spiritual feel. It’s about not knowing how to deal with reality as well as yearning for the strength and courage to walk away from it all. There’s something quite cinematic about this piece that remains unexplainable where words are concerned. You can only shut up, listen, and be moved. The quick pause at the end of the bridge made me catch my breath.

Never Go Back” picks up the tempo and gives us a metal rush. The song depicts the tale of a never ending love, despite all the obstacles that continue to tear them apart. There are certain elements incorporated in this track that entices the heavy rock lover, satisfies the one looking for a more subtle symphonic sound, or entertains the one caught in between. It’s interesting how the track kept us banging our heads but then slowed us down by the end. This is a great for live performances and I can’t wait to see the band deliver.

In their usual signature style, Evanescence concludes with a sweet and mellow track. “Swimming Home” is just breathtaking.  Sounds like Amy put her harp playing techniques to use on this track, at least in some parts you can here her new found skills on display. The song’s about finding peace and a sense of belonging somewhere other than where you once were. This is one of the more romantic songs I’ve heard from the band in years and it’s a track I absolutely appreciate.

I suggest purchasing the deluxe album as those four bonus tracks are just as priceless as the main twelve.

Evanescence has proven once again how talented they are. This band can disappear from the spotlight for any period of time and return with something far greater than their last because they’re obviously not done yet. How magical and otherworldly it is to have music like this in such a time where europop is consuming the airwaves. “Evanescence” is a breath of fresh air and cleanser for those who truly understands what real music is. The new album gets a rating of 5/5


Track listing:

01. What You Want
02. Made Of Stone
03. The Change
04. My Heart Is Broken
05. The Other Side
06. Erase This
07. Lost in Paradise
08. Sick
09. End of a Dream
10. Oceans
11. Never Go Back
12. Swimming Home

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2 thoughts on “[Review] Evanescence

  1. The album is cool, but it’s not as attractingly painful as their previous and that’s cos Amy Lee is happy now…hmmm

  2. I’m so glad to see you gave this album such a great rating! It’s truly an amazing album, I love it ❤ I missed them so much!

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