Hands off b**ch!

Not certain if we’ve posted about homewreckers in the past but still, I feel it’s an issue that should be addressed on the regular. Ladies, do you have female friends or have noticed some female in general that are just straight up catty and always be flirting with your man, even though they are well aware he’s taken? Well, my advice to you is to tell that girl to step and make sure she gets the message loud and clear. Some women just have no class. How dare you lust for another woman’s man and attempt at bringing your nasty ass self next to him? That’s just rude. Get your own or tune into an episode of “Living Single,” you might learn a lesson or two. 

Let me pose this question at you ladies, would you jump at the chance to date the guy that just broke up with your friend? If you answered yes, that tells me you’ve been having dirty thoughts of him all the time he was with your friend. And I find that even more atrocious. Your friend should definitely use that as the basis to cut all ties with your sneaky ass. I’m just saying. You know, this post brought up the case of Shania Twain and her marital issues. Apparently, her sleazy husband had an affair with her supposedly best friend. And that’s a straight up backstabbing BIATCH. Not sure if the husband got together with the friend after Shania dumped his sorry ass, but if he did, that’s a low down dirty shame I would never want sharing the same table as my parents. I mean for real though, guys would you bring such a woman around your friends or family? She’s developed a distasteful reputation and surely her motives will remain questionable till the day she leaves this world.   

All I’m saying is ladies keep your friends or that trifling chick in check. And fellas, pay attention to the woman you’re currently with; treat her with respect and take control of your package. Lord knows you don’t have to jump on anything in a skirt. And to all them homewreckers out there, respect other people’s relationships and leave them be. Remember what goes around comes around. This is just my opinion. Leave your thoughts below. In the meantime, let Mya school you on them homewreckers:

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