Postcard from Samoa

Found in the heart of the Pacific Ocean and half way between New Zealand and Hawaii, Samoa is an exotic location consisting of ten islands offering their own unique natural beauty and tranquility. Another place inspiring me even more to do some travelling. How do I begin to describe the luscious sceneries? It’s a spiritual feeling in a sense. Samoa relieves the mind of intensity and fills the soul with peace. From the fantasy like waterfalls, to the mysterious rainforests, the islands certainly have a lot to offer. I don’t think you can fill your cup on just one visit; it’ll definitely take several more trips to fully experience Samoa’s wonderful culture and all it has to offer. 

What’s even beautiful about Samoa is how its people live in unity with their natural resources, appreciating it to their fullest. Samoans are proud of their strong cultural heritage. That’s surprising to many because of how rare it is for people to adore their country’s beauty and work earnestly in preserving it. It is said that their ancestors literally came from the heavens to live on these islands, hence the reason for its pure and authentic beauty. Their society is very traditional and obedient to their beliefs; family is important, and that has been the Samoan way for over 3000 years. 

Okay, so let’s get down to what’s exactly attracting many to this particular location. Well for one, Samoa has an unlimited amount of waterfalls. The one I’m fascinated by the most is the Fuipisia falls, which is about 55 metre high.  This flowing beauty is located in the village of Lotogofa. While heading for the falls, visitors are enchanted by a path decorated with teuilas. Trust me, greenery is overemphasized in this country. 

the walk to the waterfall has been beautifully decorated with teuilas

Another stunning attraction is the Baha’i House of Worship. One of eight in the world, this is a place for prayer and meditation for individuals of various backgrounds. The House of Worship stands in the center of 20 acres of prayer gardens, which hosts more than 60 species of flowers, plants, and trees all native to Samoa.

As I’ve always stated, what’s a trip without tasting something new? Of course if you’re exploring the naturality of this culture, you’ll probably realize there is no gas or electric stove, instead you’ll find people cooking on hot stones, like in ancient times. However, if you’re sticking to the hotels, then you’ll get fancy choices. Still, in either case you’ll be given the opportunity to feast on some delicious cuisine: palusami, oka, tartlets, etc.

And of course you’ll have to learn the Siva dance before departure. The dance is often performed by a young girl and is considered the most elegant and graceful body movement you’ll ever see. The dancer is actually telling a story with her hands so if you watch carefully you’ll be mesmerized by her. If you’re not into the slow pace then you’re sure to gravitate towards the slap dance performed by the men. Both dances are equally entertaining. 

You have to go shopping for souvenirs at a flea market on any of the islands. There you’ll find wonderful handcrafted jewelry, sarongs, wood carvings, etc. I don’t know about you but I love things made by hand not machine. It has more value. 

beautiful locally crafted jewelery

Wrap things up with a day at Vavau beach. This location has beautiful white sand and a breathtaking blue ocean. Allow the pictures to do the talking.

And there you have it. Samoa is definitely calling me with all these captivating attractions. It’s gonna be included on my list of places to visit so do add it to yours. Samoa here I come!


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