Fall shows you should be watching

I know many of our readers are probably tuned in to some new shows this season, as well as to the return of their favorites. Well, here are some interesting shows that I recommend you watch if you aren’t already:

1. Ringer (The CW)

The show marks the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar to the world of television. She stars as a woman who goes on the run after witnessing a murder, assuming the life of her very rich twin sister. This change in identity takes place after a dramatic incident involving the “better off” twin. Watch and be thrilled.

2. Reed Between the Lines (BET)

This is a wonderful example of what a healthy, loving and stable family environment should be. I like the show and its projection of how families in America don’t always have to be broken.

3. New Girl (FOX)

Zooey Deschanel is the best choice for this series. She’s so awkwardly funny and makes light of any serious situation. I love her new show and relaxed I feel after watching it. It cheers me up.

4. Person of Interest (CBS)

Ben was always my secret favorite on “Lost” no matter how manipulative his was, so when I heard Michael Emerson was starring in a new series I had to tune in. This is now my new favorite television crime drama and I’m loving Taraji’s acting in it as well.

5. The Secret Circle (The CW)

The world’s love for the supernatural is still very much alive and unexplanable. The series is about teen witches and I think the title was a huge giveaway. It’s kind of a breath of fresh air from the vampire trend. Hey! witches need their time to shine now.

6. Revenge (ABC)

Emily Van Camp plays a young girl out to take revenge on the people who ruined her family in the Hamptons years ago. There’s always a rush in every episode. I can’t believe I didn’t tune in on the premiere night.

7. Milk + Honey (Web Series)

This new series depicts the journey of several African-Americans living in Los Angeles. I like the show for its portrayal of women being strong and independent. Click here to watch.

Each of these shows carries their own little element of entertainment and I like the concept providing in them all. If you’ve been tuning in to any let us know what you think.

One thought on “Fall shows you should be watching

  1. The Secret Circle! I heard about that, but I had no idea what it was. A show about witches sounds AWESOME. I’ve been watching American Horror Story on FX (it’s creepy and pretty good, but it sometimes makes me feel awkward with the sex T____T not my thing at all) and the new season of Charlie’s Angels, which I actually liked, but they canceled. So, I do need another show to start watching, and TSC may just be it 🙂 I’m alllll for anything about witches, I just love stuff like that.

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