SNSD releases “The Boys” MV

Girls’ Generation has finally unveiled the long awaited music video for not only the Korean version of their latest song “The Boys,” but the English version as well. You can now purchase the English version on iTunes. The song is catchy and I like how chic and sophisticated their new concept is. However, the auto-tune, as usual, is just killing me. I guess they utilized it more this time to assist with their English pronunciations? And I can’t help but think of Gwen Stefani‘s “Hollaback Girl” whenever I hear “The Boys.” Anyways, the choreography is cool and the outfits are hot. I’m definitely loving Hyoyeon‘s studded high boots and Sunny‘s red jacket. Check out both videos below and tell us what you think:

Credit: SMTOWN

7 thoughts on “SNSD releases “The Boys” MV

  1. AMAZING!! Everyone looks very classy and I just love their concept! Omg the song! It’s been stuck in my head all day!! From the teasers I thought it would sound different but once the mv came out I was completely amazed!! It was better than I had expected. SM did a great job with the teasers without spoiling the whole thing. Seohyun looks amazing, so mature and glamorous and Sunny you are rocking that short blond hair even if it is a wig.I’m loving the rap ā™« Girls bring the boys out! I wanna dance right now! naega ikkeureo julge come out. sesang namja deuri yeo nan, Number 1 ji hereul juneun Athena.Check this out!ā™« It’s very catchy!!
    SNSD Jjang ā¤

  2. I fee like such a dork for Kpop, but I have been JAMMING to this all day! I really, really like it, especially the raps ā™„ I’m such a sucker for rap, especially in Kpop, so I was glad to see that~ This whole album just sounds like it’s going to be maaaaagical. I was on mobile Internet for a while before I just got my Internet in my new house last week, so I wasn’t able to listen to much new music, but Kpop just sounds very good in general, haha. Seems like lots of good songs are on the charts right now in Korea!

    (Btw this is totally unrelated but another Kpop girl group, Secret just released their new album and it’s pretty good ^^ I just thought I’d recommend it for any Kpop fans who like SNSD~ They don’t seem to get as much love as they should.)

    1. Yes I agree with you! Secret’s new song is just as amazing! The songs gives off a 90s feel and they look like they are having so much fun in their MV. I like both SNSD and Secret hopefully they both win some awards!

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