Bus Chronicles: Facebook will get you killed + Cottamn hot

Facebook will get you killed

How and why you ask? Well, if your relationship status is updated for the whole world(read-your friends, family and FOES ) to see in the eventuality it fizzles out, proper measures have to be taken and protocol followed, or risk the wrath of a woman scorned.

If you break up with your boo without doing due diligence(-researching about who they might know) and informing them of the latest relationship developments, and suddenly decide to change the status to singledom, according to my source they have all the rights to send their people after you. By the way, they are not being sent to smooth things over. More like kung fu the living daylights out of you.

 Welcome to the world of crazies and intellectuals, all at the same time-The Bus Chronicles. 

This was the conversation between two girls on the bus, about 25 years old, who could have easily been confused for 40 year old bitter and depressed women going through divorce.  Their conversation was filled with a lot of diatribe about men. The loud one, launched into a tirade of what she would do if her man broke up with her, via the popular site.

Apparently, she has people posted all across HER block , ready to die for her in a hot New York minute if need be.   In this case, they would be a-okay loosing some red over a facebook break-up. Where they do that at?


Basically, she  runs the world, erm I mean her relationship. In quoting her:

I’m one of those females who run shit! My man can’t tell me to do jack shit, he does the shit I want him to. 

The whole time I’m eavesdropping on the conversation, I’m thinking that her toilet must be going through some stink bomb type of trauma, I figured there must be a whole lot of shitting going on in her relationship.

In showing solidarity, her quiet partner in crime would chime in from time to time, with:

Yeah I got people’s too. It’s important for females to protect theirselves out here. These bitches be triflin……

As far as the two were concerned, they did not see any reason why their man would just break up with them, if  he wasn’t messing with somebody else. They figured they were too hot like Jay-Lo (major side eye). The wise man did say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but he forgot to add that there are exceptions, and MAJOR exceptions were they or what!

In other news, it’s been a minute before I’ve spotted a cute or should I say a fooooineee bus driver. Well today, even with the rain pouring down like we need to build an ark or something type like Noah did, I spotted one. And he was hotter than the African sun. He was 


Cottamn hot, is when he is more than fooooooine! Like you just want to  Psquare  him kinda hot! *Blushing*

Folks, Happy Bussings and finding Cottamers!

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