Sex Talk: Let’s do the do boo!

Sex is a connector of sorts especially in relationships.  After all those late nights cuddling and many a day spent walking in the park, hormones start crisscrossing like busy pedestrians on Times Square.  The pace is much faster, and progressively so when the two of you are alone. 

So the question begs, when are we going to do the do boo?!

Some self-proclaimed relationship “experts” like Steve Harvey in his book, Act like a lady, think like a man  has a three month rule. Basically, he tells women not to have their legs splayed out  like two parallel lines, hanging on a chandelier (my words not his), for at least three months, after which they are allowed to lick lick the lollipop  which I highly disagree with.  

Age is anything but a number, so why should sexing be put on a timer. How about we just go with the flow?! As far as I am concerned, we live in a world filled with double standards, highly favoring men and making women look less than. Women are labelled as sluts, if they sleep with a man on a first date, whilst the man is touted and put on some Christopher Columbus pedestal. By the way, CC did not discover the Americas….another day’s discussion!

The expectation is that as a woman, sex should be indulged in during the course of a marriage, or only when ya’ll have known each other for close to an eternity. Whatev!

Engaging in the do should be devoid of any social expectations! Society can be a menace and pryingly so. Doing the do, should be done in comfort of the two parties involved. I understand that there can be more than two parties, but let’s just stick to the norm! oh shit, didn’t I just say before to throw caution at societal expectations.

Have fun and as always strap up!!!!! Condoms are cheap

What ya’ll think?! 3 months or go with the flow….explain your reasoning.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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