Fans or Stans?

Letters written in blood, death threats, suicides, stalking, you name it. People can sometimes take the word fan to another level. I believe this intensity was clearly defined in Eminem’s 2000 hit “Stan.” Idolizing someone is different from just having respect for what they do. And if your life is completely revolved around someone else’s then you obviously need a self-assessment. I mean, how can you worship someone who is like you, a human being? That’s still someone who breathes the same air as you do so what makes them so great that you’d partake in time-consuming activities involving creating shrines, building teams in your area, working overtime to purchase tickets, or even spend your hard earned cash (which is often times your parents’ money) on silly collectibles. It makes no sense to me, and I find it rather disturbing when I hear how emotionally high-strung people get when others state their opinions on a particular star that is obviously overrated and loved by many who’ve never even had a conversation with them. Anyways, whatever makes you happy.

That’s just my opinion. What do you think? Have you ever done anything crazy for a star?

6 thoughts on “Fans or Stans?

  1. I’d have to agree with everyone else- being a fan is one thing, hurting yourself for the cause is another. I used to consider myself a Jonas Brothers superfan and literally had pictures of them all over my wall and in notebooks and would write letters and pray to them every night…disturbing, I know. But I never did anything that would inflict pain on myself for the sake of JB. Great post!

  2. Being fans and showing support to your favourite idol is quite fine but once you start hurting yourself in the process becomes just very much over the top! There are so many other healthier ways to support your idol in a non-scary way. Those crazy hard core fans out there that will do these things like creating shrines is kind of very creepy and letter written in blood is not only ridiculous but most definately quite disturbing!

  3. I’ve never done something crazy for a famous person. I think it’s silly when people start hyperventilating just because they caught a glimpse of a famous person on the street, or when they develop these insane crushes on someone. You can think the guy/girl is hot all you want, but professing your undying love about them and creating shrines is….scary…..

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