“Help! My girlfriend beats me.”

There are many cases of women being physically abused around the globe; whether it’s by the hands of their husbands or boyfriends, it’s still a horrible thing happening to one too many. Often times these women find the courage to come forward and seek help, but sometimes they don’t. People can say anything when they’re not the one going through the ordeal, but it’s definitely not something they can easily get out of. Sometimes there are children involved, or other circumstances which makes it hard to just leave. It’s certainly not easy but there are surely shelters, agencies, and other organizations established to provide aid to battered and abused women when they do seek help, but after reading a recent article online, I began thinking what if it was the other way around. What if it’s the man being abused by the woman and where can he seek help if that is the case? Is there even help provided for men being abused by women? I also wondered how those men are looked upon by society, their friends and families. Abuse is obviously no laughing matter, but I’m sure that many would roll on the ground after hearing a man confess that he’s being abused by his sweetheart. 

According to the article on Dear Abby, the abused stated that he has been dating the abuser for a few years, but that she became violent in the last year while they were having an argument. What caught my attention even further is when he mentioned that his girlfriend said that it wasn’t domestic violence because he was a man. He also stated that he continues to build up a ton of anger every time she hits him, so I’m assuming one day he will snap back. I mean, you can only push a man so far with that kind of bullshit. He’s asking Abby if she thinks he should end the relationship to stop his girlfriend’s abuse and to also prevent him from retaliating against her. Well, duh! He didn’t need to ask someone else for their advice on that obvious fact. However, I can understand that they’ve been together for a while and he loves her, so he might still want to work things out to keep their relationship going. What he could do is recommend that she gets therapy or join a support group, or something, anything to put an end to her unhealthy and disastrous behavior. If she refuses, then it’s definitely time to run.

Domestic abuse is wrong in any case, whether by the hands of a man or woman. It’s a horrible experience for any abused person and if you are, all I can do is advise you to seek help before it’s too late. Love is not pain. A lover’s touch is tender not dreadful. That’s just my opinion.

What do you think?


Source: Big Man Abused By Girlfriend

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