Julissa Bermudez: Gorgeous is an understatement

Dominican model, actress and television personality Julissa Bermudez has established herself as one of the most highly demanded talent in media. It must be her irresistible beauty, or energetic and bubbly personality that charms anyone who’s graced by her presence. Julissa is most notable for her work on BET’s 106 & Park, and Jersey Shore: After Hours. She has also appeared in several television series and films including “Make it Happen” and “Harlem Hostel.” There’s definitely nothing stopping this talented lady from taking it to the next level, and I’m certain she’s always planning the next big step.

Julissa was born in the Dominican Republic but raised in Queens, New York. She started modeling while attending New York’s Talent Unlimited High School as a theatre major. Her first breakthrough came with a Coca-Cola commercial, but she didn’t stop there. While gaining experiences and building her resume, she began co-hosting MUN2’s Music and Lifestyle show, ‘The Roof,’ where she received the opportunity to interview Latin mainstream entertainers including Fat Joe and Roselyn Sanchez. This was a former position that enabled her to work within the Hispanic community but to represent her culture. ‘The Roof’ was certainly a wonderful experience for her, but it was her transition to BET that gave her the breakthrough she needed for her career in entertainment.

On landing the position at BET, the actress herself as stated that she was in fact surprised at getting the chance to not only be apart of something great, but to do it while being herself. Being a host on ‘The Center’ and ‘106 & Park’ gave Julissa nationwide as well as international exposure, as this opened doors to many other opportunities.

Aside from being such a popular and influential media personality, Bermudez is also an advocate for several charities. She participates regularly in MAC’s World Aids Day and Breast Cancer Awareness walks, and recently has traveled to her home country to help distribute over 10,000 pairs of shoes after the devastation of Hurricane Noel. She also has plans of going back to the Dominican Republic to open an art school in order to assist underprivileged children by exposing them to the arts and how inspiring it is to be artistic.  

Since her start in entertainment, Julissa has done commercials, ad campaigns, and she has appeared in popular magazine like Teen Vogue. You name it, she’s done it or going to. And despite her accomplishments thus far, Julissa remains humble and focused on continuing to work hard on establishing herself even further in the game. What I admire most about this lady is her drive to succeed and never succumbing to fear. She’s proud of her heritage and where’s from. Bermudez is very dedicated, and I think determination will enable her to evolve in whatever she does or wherever she goes so long as she’s doing it her way.  

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Images Credit: hiphopsince1987

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