Spiritually religious

Spirituality and religion are two terms often used interchangeably to mean the same. However, there are remarkable differences between these two.  To distinguish the two, a simple search on google will bring you a comprehensive list of sites offering their take on the right definition.

After scouring most of these sites, I concluded that they are all saying the same thing in a lot of mumbo jambo. Religion is part of spirituality. Spirituality is the more encompassing of the two delving more into the complexities of human experiences, spiritual paths and practices, without having a specific structure.

Personally I subscribe to both. Religiously speaking, I am a Christian, spiritually speaking I believe in a higher being than me, supernatural to be precise. What I love most about spirituality is that it follows no set rules. To be one with self, humanity and the spirit world, does not require one to subscribe to a particular deity or religion. You could simply light incense in your bedroom and simply meditate. Take stock of life.  One may look at what I am writing as an oversimplification of a complex matter, but the truth is there is no right or wrong. It is not set in stone!

The  most important thing is that we respect each other’s spiritual and religious beliefs. If somebody worships a statue carved out of stone, and you find it bizarre that they worship a god that could possibly not hear a thing, mind your own business! Bite your tongue if you have to.  Who are you as an authority/expert figure to talk sleek. If you have to really state your opinion, do it respectfully.

 What sayest thou my lovelies? Say your speak down below.

Happy spiritualism…don’t burn the house down though!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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