Immigration Untitled.

Immigration has to be the most contentious topic of discussion in America. It ends up being like the bus chronicles. On one hand, filled with crazies who have nothing but vitriol to spew, conversely intellectuals who think they know best.  People literally squirm in their seats, and fart while at it so you best have one of  this to aerate the chair. It’s that serious!

People emigrate their countries of residence in search of greener pastures like those in Ireland, or so they think.  Instead they are met and welcomed by the harsh realities of a foreign culture and its people.

For many people of African descent, the West is representative of the Biblical Caanan where milk and honey flowed nonstop.  I have a friend who thought upon her arrival  in the U.S. she would literally be picking dollars off the runway, once cleared by customs her delusions of grandeur were shattered as reality prevailed. 

Typically, immigrants are categorized as being either legal or illegal. The devil horns usually come out when the subject of illegal immigrants is broached. They are blamed for absolutely everything going wrong in America, read job-stealers and sometimes the outrageous that make my eyeballs go bizwoow. Case in point, Lou Dobbs a journalist currently with FAUX news -yes, I can see your thrombosis vein right about to pop because of the intentional blasphemous spelling. In his popular anti-immigrants CNN segment- I can see another’s blood literally boil to temperature highs worse than Sahara desert at the mention of this, Broken Borders he

ran a false report on the number of leprosy cases in the United States allegedly caused by Mexican immigrants.  

In Wendy William’s voice, leprosy though, really Dobb?

Today, I spent a great deal of my time watching reports on the lives of illegal immigrants in Italy. Whew, was I shocked beyond words or what. Kibera, is a paradise to say the least compared to the living conditions that these immigrants are subjected to.


I expected humane living conditions.  I NEVER in my entire lifetime expected people residing in Italy, illegal or not to live in cardboard boxes. What’s more they are exploited and paid poorly due to being undocumented.

This post was inspired by these videos I was watching. It was sad to note that they migrate with big dreams and hopes, only for them to be temporarily crushed by reality. They are unwanted.  

This piece was written due in part to the need of addressing the inhumane conditions, illegal immigrants are forced to live with, as well as the hostile environments that are continually being pushed for and advocated by your statesmen.  The Alabama immigration law is driving  Spanish residents, both illegal and legal out of state. The atmosphere is not immigrant conducive.

In closing, I titled this post  Immigration Untitled  because I did not have a set path of writing, I just went with the flow. Which means there’s more posts like this to come. Kinda like the bus chronicles saga, I never knew what I was talking about until I found my niche, with the crazies, intellects and fooiiiiiine brothers!

Happy immigratings folks!

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