Craigslist: A junkyard of sorts

Craigslist is a great place to find  short term gigs, shop for grandfathers and network with psychos. It is also a place that can be daunting and frustrating in view of the hard economic times.

Gigs. There are tons of gigs that can be found on there, ranging from personal shopping assistants to farm laborers. It has a good mix of the glam and the not so glam. That’s dope, it creates an equilibrium for the highly-skilled and lowly-skilled. While this is great, when you move over to their personals section things begin to heat up a bit, more like smoke.

Today I decided to click on the casual encounters and boy were the encounters steamy. Casual encounters is basically come get your freak on and leave your emotions at the door.  As I scoured through the juicy offerings, I couldn’t help but notice that most of them were  from very mature guys, like 40 and up looking for young women around the 18-25 year range.Nothing wrong with that other than their I am a 40 year old male in town for a short business trip looking to spice things up with a local hot girl ads reminded me of my four  creepy old guys in my neighborhood who holler and catcall at young women about their business in my neighborhood. Comments like hey neighbor you look hot roll out their mouth with no shame. They are old enough to be called grandpas, YUCK!

The psychos can be found literally everywhere on the site, but the best ones are on missed connections. Here, you will find people trying to connect with somebody they saw somewhere randomly.  Like this one I read about him having almost caused an accident because of a hottie crossing the road. Then there is one who felt everybody was hating on their missed connection, to which another replied yes, that’s it. we’re all very jealous of you posting ads to your imaginary boyfriend all day… 

What I hate most about craigslist are the job posters whose main objective is to post non-existent jobs. They get a kick out of people getting frustrated. In these economic times, peoples hope and dreams are being held together by a string. It is extremely in  poor taste to waste people’s time. Oh not to forget, those that insist a picture to accompany the resume. WTF?!

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Happy Craiglistin!

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