Faces in the crowd

Aside from the fact that the movie poster looks like a revised version of the ‘Final Destination‘ poster in a more attractive way, ‘Faces In The Crowd‘ once again proves that action stars can deliver in dramatic roles as well. I’ve been a fan of Milla Jovovich since I’ve watched her and that other hot guy get steamy while being the only two people on an island in ‘Return To The Blue Lagoon.‘ I was only a child then but I was undeniably captivated by Milla’s performance in that film. Anyways, back to the present.Β ‘Faces In The Crowd‘ tells the story about a woman (Milla) suffering from “face blindness” after surviving a violent attack. Her condition causes her severe distress as not only does faces change every time she sees them, this is also an opportunity for her attacker to strike again for even though she’s seen his face, she couldn’t possibly identify him. Well, doesn’t that suck!

The movie depicts Jovovich as a more vulnerable character not often taken on by the actress. Her acting is quite believable and at times the only commendable one as the other actors didn’t quite impress me the way she did. Then again, playing a woman who keeps seeing different faces on the people around her very time she comes in contact with them takes a lot of emotional investment. You’d have to be hysteric at times from the shock of seeing a new face on someone you’re familiar with and Milla pulled it off tremendously. It’s a wonderfully intense film, the story is different and very interesting, and I recommend adding it to your collection.Β 

What do you think about the movie?

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