For Thought: A ‘body’ of Art


Young artist Alexa Meade creates beautiful art pieces that are described as “alive.” In fact, what makes her work so intriguing is that from a first glimpse one could confuse ‘people’ with paintings. Are you puzzled? Well, continue to the end to see the mystery solved.

"Curated 2"
"Blueprint 1"
"Alexa Split in Two"



“Instead of painting a picture on a two dimensional canvas, I paint directly on top of my subjects in three dimensional space. The photographs of the painted scenes look like flat paintings without the assistance of Photoshop or digital manipulation.”-Meade

Photos by Alexa Meade


Source: Yahoo! News

2 thoughts on “For Thought: A ‘body’ of Art

  1. Whoa! she’s highly talented. I’d never guess it was actual people being painted on to look like paintings. That’s very creative.

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