“My boyfriend says he’s hotter than I am.”

First of all, any guy that tells his girlfriend that he’s way hotter than she is below poop. There’s not even a decent word that can describe what a douche he is. And any girl who stays with such a loser could only be miserable. If she’s feeling that way without him even saying something so atrocious it doesn’t mean she’s not attractive, it’s just that she’s insecure. There’s nothing more sexy and attractive than a woman who exhumes confidence and loves the skin she’s in. But if that idiot spends way more time in the mirror fixing himself than you do, and makes it a mission in life to constantly remind you how not on top of your game you are, then he’s got to go. I mean, why is he with you to begin with and what exactly was it that attracted him to you if he’s later going to trample on your heart? Unless, and this is not an excuse for his disgusting behavior, but what if somehow you (the woman) became too comfortable in the relationship and stopped caring about how you looked, and in a sense he feels the need to comment on your present appearance which isn’t looking as glam (per say) as you used to? Again, I’m not saying this can be an exception for him making the statement that he’s hotter, it’s just that some guys or some people in general often times throw remarks like that at their significant other in order to get a change, but as we know, this can lead to that person getting hurt by those insensitive comments.

One of my friends had been dating this guy for six months before he started working in how he’s looking much more fly than she is in every conversation they would have. Before they got together, she was really keeping this in check; taking regular trips to the salon, and wearing all these trendy outfits. But further into the relationship she started to settle. She wasn’t spending that much time on getting herself together to look all fly anymore and I guess that started to bother him. In his mindset, she didn’t care enough to want to look sexy for him and I’m sure it wasn’t like that at all. Do you know how expensive and time consuming it is to get yourself done? It takes a lot of work, especially when you’re single and trying to find a really nice guy. It’s mentally and emotionally draining, so I can understand why she’d want to tone it down after getting the man. But ladies, my advice is to not tone it down to a point where you’re looking like a hot mess every day while your man is looking all fine and getting the attention of another hot single lady that is doing the same thing you were doing to get him in the first place. Still, that’s only to the women who aren’t getting the hurtful comments from the guys. However, my advice for the women being verbally attacked by their douchebag boyfriend, slap the s**t out of him then dump his ass ‘cause he’s obviously inconsiderate of your feelings and most likely doesn’t appreciate the fact that you’re even with him to begin with. I’m just saying.

That’s just my opinion. What do you think?

2 thoughts on ““My boyfriend says he’s hotter than I am.”

  1. Why do women put a lot of pressure in trying to look better than men yet scrutinize men who attempt to is beyond me. That’s not equality, and not feminism, that’s narcissism.

  2. If my boyfriend ever said something like that to me i would knock him out. Only a moron would speak such shit to his girlfriend.

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