Jin Akanishi is ready to “Takeover” the U.S.

But is the U.S ready for Jin? The pop singer is no rookie when it comes to the music industry; Jin has accomplished quite a lot back in his homeland of Japan when he was 1/6 of the Jpop group KAT-TUN. But now everyone is wondering if he can conquer the states with his honey like vocals and sex appeal. Most recently, Akanishi uploaded a video on YouTube depicting the journey of recording his first English language album. The interesting webseries titled “The Takeover“, will give fans a first hand view of Jin working with several internationally known artists and producers, including StereotypesJason DeruloJustin Bieber, and Sean Kingston.  There’s no question that he has talent but I’m very skeptic when it comes to foreign singers, particularly asian singers, trying their hands at the U.S. market. I mean, let’s face it; few have tried but none have gotten that far. 

Jin’s style is much different from that of KAT-TUN’s. As a member of the group, I felt like he was space filler. They didn’t quite give me the impression that everything jelled and in order to pursue his kind of music, Jin “knew he had to leave KAT-TUN.” I’ve always loved that group and Jpop in general, but I feel that Jin Akanishi is not a poppy, bubbly kind of singer. So I’m very much anticipating what he’s going to bring with his debut album. Do I believe he’ll gain the success that he would’ve in Japan? There’s certainly mixed feelings running around my stomach with that one.

Let’s break this down. This is, in my opinion, the main steps in being a successful entertainer in the U.S: must have sexually driven lyrics, you must conform and release europop/dance influenced songs, and you must become a media whore and have your promo team eat, s**t, sleep, breathe getting your work to the public in every outlet necessary. Utilizing social media is very important because only then will you establish a fan base around the globe. CDs aren’t selling like before so you have to get into the digital game. Touring will make you eat so it’s best to travel as much places as possible, but you can only sell out shows after successfully taking over the aforementioned steps. And finally, pray that Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown will take a break cause only then will you truly get an opportunity to shine because the reality is these people don’t sleep. And to be honest, they are the real reason why others can’t shine.

Now back to the topic at hand, Jin Akanishi. I’m not necessarily in love with him, but I respect the fact that he’s working hard to achieve his goal and I wish him all the best. The strategy to work with artists who are currently hot is a great move but whether or not it’ll work is really up to the fans and what they’re interested in spending their money on. You can work so hard on your music till blood flows from your eyes only to have ears tuned out from it in the end and that sucks, a lot. But if you’re hungry and you have the determination then you will succeed, eventually. By the way, his debut single “Test Drive” featuring Jason Derulo will be available November 8 on iTunes so support him and purchase.

This is just my opinion. What do you think? Will Jin make it in the U.S. and become the next international pop star?

Video Credit: JinAkanishiUSA

12 thoughts on “Jin Akanishi is ready to “Takeover” the U.S.

  1. I wish him a better future,though i never think about his successful in US,it’s too hard for the asia singer to be popular in this area.
    anyway,just do what you what to do,irrespecting of the outcoming

    1. No offense but this country is not that receiving when it comes to entertainers outside of the white/black race. *thisisnotahatecommentagainstasians I’m simply stating reality. I remember there was a singer called Utade or something like that who tried making it in America. She was born in the U.S and still she didn’t have a shot because she’s asian. It’s not really about talent, it’s mostly about having a good promo team and knowing how to market yourself. They need to be on 106&park, radio stations, etc. anywhere possible to get their names and faces in the minds of Americans. That’s just how it is. They could even try making a reality show. That seems to create celebrities these days.

      1. Yes, Utada Hikaru tried to debut here. She’s super talented, one of my absolute favorite singers. 🙂 It’s a darn shame she didn’t get too far because I own both of her US albums and I really love them. But, yeah, they need better promotion and hopefully Jin will get some. Wonder Girls had the right idea, touring with the Jonas Brothers and all that, so hopefully he’ll get a good deal, too.

      2. Yes! It’s just ridiculous that Utada didn’t do well because her music makes sense and it is so real. However, touching on what Sultrydiva said, asians don’t get the opportunity to shine in the states. Maybe one day Utada and Jin can do it but i’m not sure when.

  2. I loooove Jin. Lovejuice is such a hot song *__* I really liked his last single a lot, too, so I’m excited about new music on the horizon. Not sure how I feel about him trying to break into the US, though. It’s hard for Asian musicians to break into the US market, which is sad seeing as there are some seriously talented artists who have tried and failed. I wouldn’t want him to get discouraged because I’ve been following him since his KAT-TUN days and I know how much he loves LA and the US and stuff. I know he’d be happy if he succeeded, though, so I’m really conflicted.

  3. All the best Bakanishi!!!!! u rock!!! rock & roll!!! LMFAO!!!
    Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world .if you do so, you are insulting yourself.
    and Never break four things in your life:

    · Trust,

    · Promise,

    · Relation,

    · Heart,Because when they break they do not make noise but pains a lot…

    i just wht u 2 kw that If you start judging people you will be having no time to love them. and i dnt wht that 2 happen!!!!
    all the best and fightting!!! no hard felings k….

  4. I hope the best, too, but making it in the US market is really tough, particularly for Asian entertainers for whatever reason. Jin can sing well and works hard, but a successful US debut? I don’t know.

    I stay away from the current popular US music and stick more with rock and country. I can’t stand the more dance infused music [mainly because it all starts to sound the same and, to me, lacks originality]

    1. “I can’t stand the more dance infused music [mainly because it all starts to sound the same and, to me, lacks originality]”


  5. It’s been a while since I’ve commented here ^.^

    I’ve been wondering this for some time. When I first heard that he was leaving KAT-TUN I knew it was for a solo career but I didn’t really think he had a chance to make it. But now that I’ve seen how hard he’s been working, I think he may have a shot. He could actually be successful in the US. The question is however, how successful. The US market seems pretty hard to break into. I hope the best for him though.

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