For Thought: Man flees Jamaica after catching his wife cheating

There’s always some interesting story floating around the web and I’m the kind who’ll spend countless hours digging them out. Recently, I came across a news article by the Jamaica Star about a Chinese man who basically abandoned his business and left the island, after finding his wife in bed with a young employee. The St. Andrew community is on fire with this little drama, many commenting on the reaction of the husband, who was the owner of a  supermarket in the area, stating that they had suspect the wife and the employee because of the various benefits he was getting. 

Following the incident, it is said that the husband left the house and went back to the business, whereby he closed it to the public and began packing products into boxes. Witnesses say that the wife also embarrassed her husband at supermarket stating that she’s unsatisfied with his performance in the bedroom and that her young lover is doing a better job. The husband has since left the island for China, which is quite understandable with all the humiliation he’ll face in his community, and the fact that currently the wife and her young lover have reopened the supermarket and are now running the business together. In fact, witnesses have reported seeing the man driving the wife’s car.

It’s truly embarrassing to catch your spouse having an affair with an employee, or just cheating on you in general. And then to have your spouse announce in public that you’re not good enough in bed. I could understand leaving the community but he went as far as to leave the country so I guess it must have hit him even harder. I don’t know how they do it in China, but if that were me, that woman would have to leave the country. There’s no way in hell I would leave my establishment for my cheating spouse and his/her lover. That’s just straight up wrong. Poor guy!

What do you think? Did the husband do the right thing, or should he have stayed and gotten rid of them both?


Source: Jamaica Star

2 thoughts on “For Thought: Man flees Jamaica after catching his wife cheating

  1. WTF!Hell no he should have stayed, kicked the guys ass then chase his wife back to China and remain in Jamaica with his business. What a coward

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