Love Handles:The new sexy

Urrrrgh! Puke.

Ladies, love handles are not sexy. Yes, I said that fatty protruding on either side of your abdomen is not the business. Whenever I see a lady dressed in a schmedium shirt with her sides exposed, I just want to puke. It is unsightly.  I want to grab a hold of the woman and tell her, a shirt your size will do next time. Don’t give me, it’s the land of free speech, I can do whatever I like. I ain’t having it… nor buying into it. Save it….

Since when did unsightlyness become the new sexy?! I know the media puts a lot of pressure on us women to look perfect. Perfect boobs, perfect hips, perfect legs, perfect height, perfect weight, perfect vjays, basically they want us looking like barbie dolls. I’m not here to make us the more miserable. As is, we already have our plates full.

But could we for the sake of not developing an instant case of the cataract eye, and a running stomach ready to puke wear clothes that fit our body type!  You can hug and make love to your curves without blinding others.  If the model in the image had just won a shirt in her size, the snowstorms happening across the country would have subsided by now. In Massachusetts  GovernorDeval Patrick (he’s a cutie, by the way) has declared a state of emergency.  It’s due to this love handles ya’ll!

Women in the name of sisterhood let’s kumbaya together and stop the foolishness of wearing tight clothes that don’t fit us. This is America, the land of all sizes! Find it in your size!!!

Speak your piece or forever hold your peace in allegiance to all that has been stated! #End of rant

Happy Lovehandlingness!

3 thoughts on “Love Handles:The new sexy

  1. I think there’s some truth in this – yes, if you’re talking about wearing the wrong things with your love handles, and accentuating them, making them look big and protruding, then no, they are nasty, they don’t look sexy. However, a woman with love handles can still look sexy if she knows how to dress. I think the whole point of people saying that love handles are sexy is to encourage women to love their bodies as they are and not strive for perfection. And for a lot of men (not speaking for all of them) they’re a fun soft bit on a women’s body to play with! And they all add to making your stomach look more curvy. This is a good point being made in that women shouldn’t go out looking like that – but it’s the same sort of thing, with, for example, big boobs – if a women walks out on the street with a double cleavage or a bra that doesn’t provide the right support or shape, a pair of big boobs that would usually be considered sexy, now look dreadful.

    Just some food for thought.

  2. I think love handles are sexy, I think anyone with love handles should embrace them, not get rid of them…Everyone is made differentially so others really cant comment on other people if you dont have the same issuse “Cough cough Sultrydiva” ! Lol. Just Think of your love handles as “Curves” Or something your lover can grab onto when making out lol…

  3. LMAO at that pic…its funny but it’s true. Ladies need to do better when it comes to their fashion sense.

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